Results as of April 26, 2015, 9:43 pm    
Which of these acts should be our next Chicago Artist of the Month?
Total: 118 votes
 Look Out Love
  5%   6 votes
  33%   40 votes
  2%   3 votes
 Soddy Daisy
  56%   67 votes
  1%   2 votes

This poll will end on April 30, 2015

Insulting other bands in the poll is very uncool - and will jinx your chances of rock stardom.

P.S. Cheaters are Losers!

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Soddy Daisy

posted by: Gnathaniel
(04/20/2015 05:11 pm EST)

by god... .. .. .. .. .. soddydaisybygod

everybody loves

posted by: NoSkillz
(04/20/2015 05:45 pm EST)

soddy daisy

1000 Years

posted by: Joyce James
(04/20/2015 05:56 pm EST)

soddy daisy forever


posted by: Michaela
(04/20/2015 07:16 pm EST)


Nixon Love

posted by: Grace
(04/20/2015 07:28 pm EST)

vote nixon love .. .. .. they .. re bomb ..

Vote NixonLove

posted by: Derek
(04/20/2015 07:33 pm EST)

nixonlove if you like pizza.

Nixon love

posted by: Shay
(04/20/2015 07:57 pm EST)



posted by: Lily
(04/21/2015 09:46 am EST)

woo ..

Nixonlove 4ever

posted by: Kt
(04/21/2015 11:52 am EST)

next big thing i seriously guarantee it.

Soddy Daisy

posted by: GOD
(04/21/2015 02:47 pm EST)

no literally. i am god. it .. s soddy daisy or gtfo.

Soddy Daisy

posted by: God
(04/21/2015 02:48 pm EST)

no literally. i .. m god. it .. s soddy daisy.


posted by: Jack
(04/22/2015 11:03 am EST)

1 woman band- and killin it .. go liz

With open arms...

posted by: Soddy Daisy
(04/22/2015 05:53 pm EST)

let us not fight .. nixonlove. we all love pizza .. pizza for everyone ..


posted by: nate
(04/23/2015 11:21 am EST)

ride the vibezz


posted by: c
(04/24/2015 06:15 pm EST)

liz rocks

Nixon Love

posted by: Llol
(04/24/2015 06:19 pm EST)


Nixon Love

posted by: SCKiid
(04/26/2015 05:52 pm EST)

great music

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