Results as of December 21, 2014, 11:55 pm    
Which of these acts should be our next Chicago Artist of the Month?
Total: 547 votes
 Evacuate the Earth
  8%   47 votes
 History Now
  4%   27 votes
  8%   44 votes
 The Central Standard
  38%   213 votes
 The HoTones
  39%   216 votes

This poll will end on December 31, 2014

Insulting other bands in the poll is very uncool - and will jinx your chances of rock stardom.

P.S. Cheaters are Losers!

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T.C.S. A must go hear them b 4 they are too big

posted by: marie mullen
(12/17/2014 06:04 pm EST)

great music .. powerful energy. they have it ..

The Central Standard

posted by: Kim LeSanche
(12/18/2014 07:20 am EST)

i love their music. it .. s total rock and roll. make it a point to hear them live.

The choice is simple

posted by: Jerm
(12/18/2014 09:48 am EST)

evacuate the earth is the clear choice folks.


posted by: Terrence
(12/18/2014 10:02 am EST)

evacuate the earth saved my life

Central Standard

posted by: Anonymous
(12/18/2014 02:45 pm EST)

great alternative rock band .. they sound great live and have brought an interesting sound to the local chicago scene. looking forward to their show at lincoln hall on 1 .. 3 .. 15

The Central Standard

posted by: Mike M
(12/18/2014 03:42 pm EST)

amazing and entertaining live act. must see .. .. .. ..

Crux Cross MasturBat3r

posted by: Amazin Racer On Speed
(12/18/2014 05:23 pm EST)

throw it to the birds...this one is for mtvg

History Now

posted by: Ruth W.
(12/18/2014 07:06 pm EST)

they sound awesome - great music video. .. ..

The Ho Tones

posted by: sandy b
(12/18/2014 07:23 pm EST)

love it. great sound.


posted by: Rawk Dude
(12/18/2014 09:26 pm EST)

evacuate the earth once beat bill brasky in a fight


posted by: Meagan
(12/18/2014 09:52 pm EST)

everyone needs to listen to the hotones.


posted by: frustrated user
(12/19/2014 02:28 am EST)

anybody but this sites web dev team should win

Ho Tones

posted by: Pat Mi
(12/19/2014 08:08 pm EST)

this band is the bomb .. .. .. .. their new songs are always out of this world

History Now

posted by: Amanda M.
(12/20/2014 08:22 am EST)

loved the song & video .. everyone should check it out ..

The Ho Tones

posted by: Shaniqua
(12/20/2014 11:16 am EST)

their newest album has some great jams on it. can .. t wait to hear more great tunes from them.

The Hotones

posted by: Scott Sweeney
(12/20/2014 11:37 am EST)

if for no other reason .. a couple of the guys used to .. camp out .. in my basement when we lived in frankfort and i wish them well in their pursuit.

The Central Standard

posted by: Mike Hawk
(12/20/2014 06:56 pm EST)

good music... the artists are a bit douchey...the girl on guitar is kinda cute though.

outter world

posted by: jermey rhizome
(12/20/2014 10:04 pm EST)

making the impossible sound. music doesn .. t just stop when you leave the earth .. it .. s a process. they explore this zone. music out of this world.

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