Results as of July 30, 2014, 1:10 pm    
Which of these acts should be our next Chicago Artist of the Month?
Total: 407 votes
  8%   36 votes
 Britt Dignan
  54%   223 votes
 Byzantine Time Machine
  1%   6 votes
  0%   3 votes
 Frances Luke Accord
  34%   139 votes

This poll will end on July 31, 2014

Insulting other bands in the poll is very uncool - and will jinx your chances of rock stardom.

P.S. Cheaters are Losers!

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Britt Dignan Rules

posted by: Michael Duffy
(07/17/2014 12:28 pm EST)

been a britt dignan fan for a a few years. would be great to see him get this opportunity.

Great Artist

posted by: Andrew
(07/17/2014 01:16 pm EST)

i britt .. s work .. hope he wins

Britt Dignan for president ..

posted by: Traci J
(07/17/2014 01:25 pm EST)

britt is a great musician and a very talented person. you got this .. britler ..

Rockin .. ..

posted by: Jessie
(07/17/2014 02:03 pm EST)

love his voice .. love him and his drummer live .. but his cd rocks too ..


posted by: Austin
(07/17/2014 02:04 pm EST)

francis luke accord... truly talented duo. awesome to see them on here ..


posted by: Joey
(07/17/2014 02:15 pm EST)

britt deserves this because his music is awesome ..


posted by: Brandon
(07/17/2014 04:26 pm EST)

ooooooohhhh fender bender .. .. ..

Britt Dignan no contest

posted by: Michael Segredo
(07/17/2014 04:59 pm EST)

britt has so much talent .. .. .. .. .. and deserves nothing but success. he never gives up and keeps pushing towards his goal. u got this britt guy.....


posted by: Lauren Spo
(07/17/2014 05:49 pm EST)

britt deserves this not only because his music is fantastic bit he is a standout guy ..


posted by: William B
(07/17/2014 06:38 pm EST)

frances luke accord. saw these guys at wire back in november. incredible songwriters. definitely download their new ep (it .. s free)

Britt .. s Band KILLS ..

posted by: JP
(07/18/2014 03:37 pm EST)

i love britt .. s new band. they were amazing at orange 13 .. ..


posted by: Brian Devenney
(07/18/2014 11:08 pm EST)

works very hard at what he does .. and is very talented ..

xgfqdqv zlegyvc

posted by: piwdhegoqd
(07/22/2014 07:16 pm EST)

xunfvdijdbhp .. bptenaefsf

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