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What's your favorite Emerging Chicago Artist on this list?
Total: 189 votes
  0%   1 vote
 Non Exotic
  17%   34 votes
  0%   1 vote
 She Rides Tigers
  8%   16 votes
 The Inventors
  72%   137 votes

This poll will end on June 30, 2015

Insulting other bands in the poll is very uncool - and will jinx your chances of rock stardom.

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The Inventors

posted by: Daniel
(06/18/2015 11:44 am EST)

solid band.

Inventors ..

posted by: Sarah Schuring
(06/18/2015 11:58 am EST)

love this band .. especially the drummer ..

Inventors .. Have to hear this band

posted by: Brock
(06/18/2015 12:19 pm EST)

these band can really play

Non Exotic

posted by: Courtney
(06/18/2015 12:59 pm EST)

awesome band. awesome people. awesome music. what more could you ask for ..


posted by: Tim
(06/18/2015 01:33 pm EST)

this band is amazing .. guitarists are on point .. drummer is great .. and they .. re a good group of guys .. .. ..

Non Exotic

posted by: the Greek
(06/18/2015 01:35 pm EST)

.. i think this band is a new kind of groovy .. and it .. s highly doubtful that anyone has ever said that about a band before. .. the greek


posted by: D
(06/18/2015 03:26 pm EST)

love seeing these guys live ..


posted by: gma
(06/18/2015 04:31 pm EST)

best young enthusiastic group of young men (especially the drummer)

Original genius

posted by: Cathy B.
(06/18/2015 06:31 pm EST)

i am 50 and love their sound .. it reminds me of the rhythms i listened to in the past with a fresh twist .. they are not a want to be cover band but a group that has the staying power of aerosmith and other similar groups. with more exposure...they will be big...and no...i am not related

The Inventors - ground-breaking

posted by: Loli
(06/19/2015 07:52 am EST)

talented ..

The Inventers ..

posted by: Christina
(06/19/2015 09:02 am EST)

they are awesome

The Inventors

posted by: Wilson
(06/19/2015 01:08 pm EST)

these guys can rock ..

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