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CD of the Month: Tom Schraeder & His Ego

CD of the Month: Tom Schraeder & His Ego

Sometimes I feel like the word prolific is over used, but when it is applied to the efforts and output of Tom Schraeder it seems fitting. His latest album, Once Lace, Now Cotton is available through Township Records. The album was compiled by fans, family and friends from the three records Schraeder recorded and casually (read: unofficially) released over the past year and a half: The Death of St. Thomas, Dear Brooklyn, I’m Sorry... and ...bad things aren’t necessarily not beautiful. This is also the first of three albums he will be releasing this year. Musically, this album keeps a mystical balance between simplicity and complexity. You find Tom drifting through gentle acoustic guitar based melodies and delivering subtle and occasionally cryptic lyrics and you absolutely find yourself wanting more after these brisk nine tracks are over. The album starts off with a whistle and the distance yet soft vocals of Schraeder floating over guitar and white recording noise on the track “To You, My Friend…”. Electronics begin to appear at the end of the track and lead into “When Escanaba Rests” and the musical puzzle begins. This album is clearly about the voice, and the mood stays sparse for most of the album, but there are also a few moments of sonic explorations. The most “radio-ready” pop tune on the album is “Carry On” and it works as a big ending a solid album. Once Lace, Now Cotton is an intimate collection that sets the stage for a big year from Tom Schraeder.

Tom Schraeder will be celebrating the release of this album on June 5th at Lincoln Hall with Richard Edwards of Margot and The Nuclear So and So's, Danny Malone, & PGDM DJ’s.

Published: June 01, 2010 |

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