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My Gold Mask
"Anxious Utopia

Gretta Rochelle and Jack Armondo working on the dark electro-pop sound of My Gold Mask since 2009. On their latest album, dropping today, March 4th, on Moon Sounds Records, Anxious Utopia, the duo may have finally found perfection. It may be the addition of James Andrews on production, but most of the songs on the album were written by Armondo and Rochelle. This album is a mixture of dance pop in the vain of Carly Rae Jepsen and dark gothic pop of Siouxsie Sioux. Rochelle is powerful and commanding through out with Armondo and Andrews providing her driving and infectious club ready tracks. Anxious Utopia is My Gold Mask clearly firing on all cylinders.

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scene blog

Twin Peaks has partnered with Goose Island to brew a new beer called Natural Villain. This is the fourth year that the brewery has partner with a band to create a beer for Pitchfork Music Fest. Goose Island is calling this a "Garage Lager".

June 17, 2016

The debut album from RLYR, Delayer, comes out this Friday, June 17th. RLYR is a super-trio of sorts consisting of Steven Hess (Locrian), Colin DeKuiper (Bloodiest, ex: Russian Circles) and Trevor Shelley de Brauw (Pelican). You can preorder the album through Magic Bullet Records here.

You can catch RYLR at Beat Kitchen with Cloakroom and Electric Hawk on June 26th.

June 15, 2016

ODDITY has release a video for the first single "Pressure's Gone" from their forthcoming LP Settle Down. The album will be self-released on June 24th.

ODDITY is currently touring the Midwest and you can find a full listing of their concerts here.

June 10, 2016

Daniel Knox has released a John Atwood directed video for his track "David Charmichael". The song appears on his 2015 self-titled LP.

He also released a massive 3 hour collection of scores he has created for various theater and film projects over the years called Work For Hire: Music For Theater & Film.

June 10, 2016

Goldhouse has teamed up with LA's Lostboycrow to release a new single called "Free From The Start".

June 08, 2016

Warik (aka Malik Lemon) has released a new collection of song with the impending summer months at heart.

Warik will be performing at Bern Fest: Round Two in June 10th with The Curls, Electric Sheep, Daymaker, and Sex No Babies.

June 07, 2016

What's your favorite Emerging Chicago Artist on this list?

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