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September 2015
Advance Base
"Nephew In The Wild

To say an album "returns to form" seems to allude to something being off or missing or in a deformed state in previous releases. With the new album from Advance Base (aka Owen Ashworth), Nephew In The Wild, it is more of a beautiful blending of two "forms". This album could have easily been the first Casiotone for the Painfully Alone album since 2009's Vs. Children. This is a clear return to the sound and storytelling of the Casiotone persona. The album's open track and lead single "Trisha Please Come Home" in the perfect example. Ashworth spins tales of the everyday but tinges of sadness. His stories are sweet and sad, and always fully realized. Musically, the album is filled with familiar sounds from an array of instruments; Electric pianos, drum kits, drum machines, autoharps, Omnichords, Optigans, Mellotrons. All of this, blending with Ashworth's skill, create a perfect late summer and early fall soundtrack.

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scene blog


Richmond's funky nine-piece The Flavor Project play The Camel, 10/17

They’re big and they’re brash. The Flavor Project, a funk and R&B outfit from Richmond, features nine members and a seductive sound that fits perfectly in a smoky music hall packed with dancing listeners. Drums and brass unite to form a transcendental rhythm while the guitar-playing creates a funky beat that creeps into your body and makes you move and the vocals blast right to your head and heart. They’re playing The Camel on 10/16 with Philly-based Ill Doots. Doors at 8, tickets for $7.-Jonathan Goodwin


Soulful folk group Luray to play at Baltimore Folk Fest, 10/24

For those times when your heart and soul need some musical rejuvenation, you'll find solace and tranquility in Richmond-based folk band Luray. Their music is soft, yet invigorating, rife with plucky banjoing and deeply resonant vocals. Give Luray a listen and let the worries of the world melt away with their homey vibe and optimistic beats. You can enjoy their sweet, lurid sounds at the Baltimore Folk Fest on 10/24. -Jonathan Goodwin


Richmond rockers Hoax Hunters to release new album Clickbait, 10/16

There’s no deception with Richmond’s Hoax Hunters: they just rock. The trio makes enough noise to pass as a bigger band, couching 80s and 90s influences into a modern sound. Heavy, brash, loud - quintessential garage rock with just the right amount of lo-fi crunch. Blast your sense with Hoax Hunters and avoid disappointment. They’re putting out a new LP on 10/16 entitled Clickbait, available through Cherub Records, so justify the album’s name and click here to get yourself a copy. -Jonathan Goodwin


The Deli's NYC issue #44 is online!

Deli Readers,

I know, it seems like we put our latest issue out just the other day - but no, we haven't switched to monthly. It's just that the fall in NYC is a busy time for us, and with CMJ week and our NYC Synth Expo (linked to BEMF) coming up, there's a lot to write about.

Here's our 44th issue of The Deli NYC (one of our finest!). Check out cover band Stolen Jars, they'll be performing at one of the (several) Deli CMJ 2015 shows!


The Deli's Staff

The Great Heights Band release new LP, Songs in Eastern Standard Timing, 10/16 at Ottobar

If their name gives any indication, The Great Heights Band clearly have set their sights for the skies, playing sweet rock music that hearkens back to the the early 2000s, the era of skate parks and boomboxes. The bass lines are classic, but the key are contemporary, mixing for a radio-ready ensemble. Their new album, Songs in Eastern Standard Timing, is dropping 10/16 and the band is celebrating with a show at Ottobar to boot. You’ll be jumping and dancing from start to finish, so don’t miss it. -Jonathan Goodwin



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