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July 2015
Negative Scanner
"Negative Scanner

Formed in 2012 by lead singer and guitarist Rebecca Valeriano-Flores, Negative Scanner, is modern take on dark late '70's punk. Last year the band release two singles, but on their self-titled debut LP they carve out fierce sound steeped in plotting guitar and powerful lyrics. The album launches with the forceful "Ivy League" which find Flores falling somewhere between early Siouxsie Sioux and Johnny Rotten. It's magnetic and repulsive all at once.The entire album is relentless, clocking under 30 minutes, but pounds the listener with blissful aggression with every note. The highlight of the album has to be the lead single, "Would You Rather", which paints a picture of the sluggish journey we all seem to be on at times. Negative Scanner's self-titled debut album was released by Trouble In Mind Records on July 10th.

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Blues quartet Ezra Mae and The Gypsy Moon headline at The Pinch, 8/7

Perfect for a smoky, haze-filled cocktail lounge, Ezra Mae and The Gypsy Moon have an excellently refined grasp on backroom blues, with a touch of garage lo-fi for flavor. A rare treat, this DC-based foursome has good stage presence and the sort of sultry vocals that induce deep trances of wistfulness. Kicking it right after only two years on the scene, Ezra Mae and The Gypsy Moon have a sound modeled after the greats of blues-rock, replete with weepy guitars and thick bass lines. Do yourself a favor and catch them headlining at The Pinch, 8/7, $7. -Jonathan Goodwin

The Seeers open for Loud Boyz record party at DC9 Nightclub, 8/1

 This Saturday, they’re driving all the way from Norfolk, VA, to open for the Loud Boyz release party for their new LP. They’re called The Seeers and they have something for everyone who likes rocking out. Grinding out tasty guitar progressions and understated vocals never sounded so great. Inspiring headbanging, crowdsurfing, and casual swaying all at once, these guys have great crossover appeal in their repertoire, from garage grit to mellow indie vibes. Switching from emulating The Who to a punky REM, The Seeers will be a perfect opener for the party at DC9 on 8/1. Doors at 9, $10. -Jonathan Goodwin


Baltimore jamtronica team Operation Dankstar releases new album '‪#‎Friendshipisthebestship'

Emerging in 2011 and sporting both stylish remixes and catchy originals, Operation Dankstar is dropping its newest album #Friendshipisthebestship this Friday, 7/24. The act comprises Michael Klicos and Corey King and the pair fully embrace their self-acknowleged genre of galactic disco, creating sounds running a veritable gamut of possibility. Playing with jazzy brass pieces, bass-laden dance beats, and crooning voice work, the tracks from the new album impress and surprise in tandem, making for a great release. –Jonathan Goodwin 



DC noise punks Puff Pieces headline show at Union Arts, 8/12

Though they coalesced in an unlikely way, the three-piece Puff Pieces has become quite a fixture in the DC noise and punk scenes, jamming their unusual lyrics and distortion straight to the joy centers of their fans’ brains. Rocking out together only for the last two years, their sound is crisp and coordinated and will certainly provide new listeners with an awesome live experience. You can catch them pursuing their energetically counterculture tack as the headliners at Union Arts on 8/12. -Jonathan Goodwin


DC's soulful songwriter Sara Curtin releases her new album 7/24, plays the DC Rock & Roll Hotel, 8/6

With a voice like a siren, Sara Curtin’s songs draw in the listener like flies to the honey of her slow rhythms and alluring voice. The DC-based indie songstress releases her latest album “Michigan Lilium” on 7/24, building on her haunting and soulful repertoire with the new single Summer. Curtin’s vocals give away her classical training and the instrumental accompaniment is duly inspired, framing the lyrics beautifully. Catch Curtin perform at the DC Rock & Roll Hotel at 8pm, 8/6, as well as other great Washington acts, The North Country and Stranger in the Alps. -Jonathan Goodwin



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