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Mood Music: Ramodes - "Just Can't Get Enuff"

 When it comes to bands that have done the most for modern day music, Depeche Mode and the Ramones definitely top that list. While their outputs appealed to different audiences, fusing them together to create one solidly awesome entity is one of the most genius things this Deli Portlander has every seen. Thank goodness Ramodes is actually a thing now.

Pulling punks from both Scourge of Ians and Chartbusters, along with some contributing minds from bedroom pop act PS-AX, Ramodes is exactly what you need out of a mashup cover band. It sets the brooding lyrics of Depeche Mode to the lighthearted punk of the Ramones, which is a must see for the Halloween cover band season and honestly, something we hope will stick around all year long.

Ramodes will be playing two cover sets - one tonight at Blackwater and one tomorrow at the Know

PDX meets NYC tonight with Shannon Entropy

Halloween weekend technically kicked off yesterday, but in the spirit of keeping the party going, make sure you drop by the early set at Analog Cafe tonight. Presale tickets may not be available anymore, but seeing locals Shannon Entropy with New York's Sunflower Bean and the Lemon Twigs is worth the $12 door price.

Things are kicking off early with doors at 6pm, but try not to miss Shannon Entropy's indie meets psych-hop set. Their atypical approach to sonance was first shared with the world earlier this year through their debut The Tamale EP, which also helped them win one of our Artist of the Month polls back in September.

Shannon Entropy is truly unlike any other indie act in town so it makes sense they were asked to open for the poppy glam rock of the Lemon Twigs and bedroom rock of Sunflower Bean. It'll be a lively evening performance worth checking out.

STREAM: Universe - 'Infinite Wonder Songs'

Ambient pop act Universe is back with the follow up to 2014's airy release The Center of Information and we've got a first listen. Though The Center of Information made use of an 8-piece band to truly execute its rich soundscapes, Infinite Wonder Songs is out today and sees Hunter Skowron, the man behind Universe, bringing it back to its original incarnation - as a solo project.

Infinite Wonder Songs' eight tracks use analog synths, classical guitars and precise drum programming to produce textured instrumental heights thematically inspired by the topics of mental health, artificial intelligence, coming of age and futurism. 

A sublime aura is experienced when listening to Infinite Wonder Songs, making it a solid collection of tracks for soothing introspection. Listen to the album in its entirety below.


Vibrissae does Siouxsie, show tomorrow

There's no better time of year to participate in a Siouxsie & the Banshees tribute album than now. Local electrogaze trio Vibrissae were fortunate enough to do so. Sao Paulo, Brazil based blog and label The Blog That Celebrates Itself released Desert Kisses: A Tribute to Siouxsie & the Banshees a little over a week ago and its celebration of one of the most influential post-punk bands in the game is ideal for the Halloween season. Vibrissae's featured cover of "Red Over White" aces the balance between their individual, celebrated sound and that which makes Siouxsie & the Banshees still worshipped to this day.

Vibrissae has a show coming up tomorrow supporting the first Portland appearance for Cincinatti art rockers Lung, along with the beautifully blended indie-electropop-punky alt blues of dynamic duo When We Met and the psych tinged post-punk of the New Not Normals at the High Water Mark.

Hopefull they'll play their version of "Red Over White" tomorrow but just in case, here it is:

Mood Music: Dim Wit - "Wow Ow Now"

*photo by Marlee Banta 

It's nearly impossible for these Deli eyes to stay open this morning without the help of this new track by the lo-fi funny boys of Dim Wit. They just dropped their first official single on Friday and for anyone that's had the chance to see Dim Wit live, you'll know how perfectly appropriate of a debut track it is for the duo's (sometimes trio) schtick.

Just picture them, clad in colorful wigs, rockin' about as those slinky string lines and screams come in as "Wow Ow Now" runs its course. Channeling Dim Wit's energy both on "Wow Ow Now" and from experiencing their live sets is the only way to start the week out.

Listen to "Wow Ow Now" below and be sure to catch them next week at Smart Collective.


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