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The 2010 Art Star Craft Bazaar at Penn’s Landing May 15 & 16

The 2010 Art Star Craft Bazaar is going down this Saturday and Sunday at Penn’s Landing. The super family friendly event will be filled with fun crafts, games, food and other basic human needs. The music that will be filling the air of this event is expansive and impressive. The lineup is fairly folk tinged with many local favorites taking the stage to put their own take on jangling acoustics, tambourines and booze soaked vocals. Highlights include the musical collective, The Spinning Leaves, whose airy tunes and warming howls are both haunting and reassuring. Also, Oh! Pears, the brainchild of Corey Duncan, former guitarist in Pattern Is Movement, is bringing his idiosyncratic orchestrations to the show. My personal favorites of the day are Toy Soldiers, who are billed as Ron Gallo (songwriter and singer) and Friends. They have a new album coming out and will be celebrating later tonight at the TLA with a stellar lineup if you like what you hear. Jack McBrearty (The Mural and The Mint, Songs for Lonesome Hearts), who was the music coordinator for this event, managed to put together way too many Philly bands to write something nice about on this show, and I am sure I could, but let’s be serious. It is already two and I am still not weeping into my mini pitcher. The lineup for the two days also include Songs for Lonesome Hearts, Arch in Round, Gildon Works, Like A Fox, The Invisible Friends, The Great Unknown, and North Lawrence Midnight Singers. The Great Plaza at Penn's Landing, on Columbus Blvd between Walnut St. and Chestnut St., 11 - 6 pm, All Ages - Adam G.



Italian Market Festival on 9th St. May 15 & 16

If you go to the Italian Market Festival on either Saturday or Sunday, then it goes without saying that you plan on indulging a little on all the wonderful food, vendors, and sights. But another major thing to check out during the festival is the live music courtesy of Connie’s Ric Rac and MGK 102.9. I’ll probably spend more of my time at Connie’s Stage. On Saturday, you’ll find artists like Euro folk crooner Cowmuddy, folk darlings The Spinning Leaves (who will play after being a part of the Art Star Craft Bazaar), The Josh and Pete Band while Sunday features acts like the psychedelic soul tinged beats of Oso, the folk mastery of The Great Unknown (who play their 3rd set this weekend after performing at Art Star Craft Bazaar and Toy Soldiers’ album release on Saturday) and many more. MGK’s Stage is anchored by Pawnshop Roses both days. Italian Market Festival, 9th St., 11am - 5pm, Free, All Ages - Bill McThrill



Weekend Warrior, May 14 -16

What started out as a nice little show at World Café Live put together by Andy Molholt (of The Armchairs) with buddies The Extraordinaires and Toys Soldiers has been turned into a local music extravaganza by The Fire’s Derek Dorsey and his young Temple protégés to celebrate Toy Soldiers re-release of Whisper Down the Lane on Drexel’s Mad Dragon Records at the TLA. Added to the original bill will be Drink Up Buttercup, The Great Unknown and Lady. This is a pretty sweet lineup. We’re also very interested to see if a few of the smaller local buzz bands can join forces to fill out a relatively massive venue for most of the acts on the bill at this stage in their careers. So come out and show your support for hometown music this Saturday! Hopefully you’ll be able to make it out after all the FREE daytime festivities.
Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) FRI The Fractals and Zach Djanikian (of The Brakes), SAT Hermit Thrushes and The Circadian Rhythms
Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N. Front St.) FRI Mincemeat or Tenspeed, SAT American Speedway, Kingsnake, Backwoods Payback SUN The Asteroid #4
North Star Bar (2639 Poplar St.) FRI Steve Goldberg & The Arch Enemies
The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave.) FRI Fantasy Square Garden. SAT Cheap Dinosaurs, I Yahn I Arkestra,
M Room (12 W. Girard Ave.) FRI (Early) Orbit To Leslie, (Late) Live Not on Evil, SAT The It is, SUN Broken Prayers
The Khyber (56 S. 2nd St.) FRI Kuf Knotz, Vitamin F, SAT Post Post, SUN Ports of Call
Tritone (1508 South St.) SUN Hennessey and Chris Coyle
Blockley Pourhouse (3801 Chestnut St.) FRI Blue Method and Swift Technique, SAT Parachuting Apostles
Danger Danger Gallery (5013 Baltimore Ave.) FRI Banned Books
JR's Bar (2327 S. Croskey St.) FRI Hessians, Vulcan, Infernal Stronghold
Mar Bar (200 S. 40th St.) SAT Kevin James Devine
Murph’s Bar (202 E. Girard Ave.) SAT The Last Barbarians
Italian Market Festival (9th St.) SAT (Connie's Stage) Cow Muddy, The Spinning Leaves, The Josh & Pete Band, Johnny Miles, (MGK's Stage) Pawnshop Roses, SUN (Connie's Stage) The Major Leagues, Oso, The Sleepwells, The Discount Heroes, The Great Unknown
Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum (3819 Hamilton St.) FRI Carnivolution w/The Hydrogen Jukebox and The Radarmen
Art Star Craft Bazaar The Great Plaza at Penn's Landing (on Columbus Blvd. between Market St. & Walnut St.) SAT The Spinning Leaves, The Great Unknown, Ron Gallo & Friends, Oh! Pears, Arc In Round, North Lawrence Midnight Singers, SUN Invisible Like a Fox, Songs for Lonesome Hearts, Gildon Works, The Invisible Friends



Carnivolution Returns to The Tiberino Museum May 14

When we last left off in spaceship time travel theater cabaret, The Squidling Bros. were successful in rescuing Great Grandma Madoodi and Betty Bloomerz from the clutches of the notorious Mr. Commercial, and also managed to restore the flow of order to the Planet Menstralia. But the shadowy figure of a new vampiric threat loomed who promised to threaten the sanctity of the show. Such is the diversity that you can only find during Carnivolution, which is all set to return for its sixth year inside the courtyard of the Tiberino Museum tonight. During the of season, the sideshow has perfected its craft while traveling coast to coast and across the Atlantic in the European Union; and has also performed a weekly variety show at Coney Island. So through that you can expect plenty of guest performers to join the fray. And music will stay very much alive through a set from the intergalactic trio The Radarmen. And Jellyboy and Matters Squidling will pick up the instruments to perform three dance inducing sets alongside the rest of The Hydrogen Jukebox. Throw in the antics of the Perverted Puppet Show and you have the same great festival that delivers upon the unexpected. Tiberino Museum, 3819 Hamilton St., 8pm, $8, All Ages - Bill McThrill


Live Not on Evil Debut 7” on Creep Records at M Room May 14

Okay so not gonna lie, these dudes kinda scare the shit out of me. Not in the monster in the shadows kinda way, more like that kid you know who is not a very aggressive person generally, but still you are terrified to piss him off for what he might do to you. Live Not on Evil are bringing their aggressive, eerie yet melodic show to the M Room tonight. Their buzzsaw guitars and slithering lead lines are brooding yet calming. They are not Misfits horror punk rip offs in the way many bands of this genre are, but their sound does fit nicely into its niche. They don’t try to attempt too much invention, but rather execute their spooky garage punk effectively. They are celebrating their first 7” release on CREEP records. I can imagine their show is going to be loud as shit, but who says that’s a bad thing? The weather may suck so why not go all out and give yourself over to the sorrow? The horror! The horror! - M Room, 15 W. Girard Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+ (Photo by D.K. Barbieri) - Adam G.



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