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From The Deli's Open Blog a new band: Atlantic Atlantic

The New York City band, Atlantic, Atlantic is making moves towards "the 90's for the now." This project sets sail in a new direction for Sikamor Rooney's front man, Brad York, creatings a sound inspired by bands such as Pavement, The Pixies, Built to Spill, The Replacements, My Morning Jacket, etc.  All music and lyrics are written by Brad York. The single Super Tall Buildings is recorded by producer Jeff Plate. Take a listen here! - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). Photo by Lucia Holm)


Disposing of Betrayers

The End Records have released the details of the new album from These Are They. Disposing of Betrayers is the follow-up to their 2009 album Who Linger, and focuses on Chicago’s deep and complex history of organized crime. The lyrics through the new album will utilize and rediscover actual events taken from newspaper articles. Here is what vocalist Paul Kuhr had to say about the album, “Taking a topic like Chicago crime history, and still making it a death metal record, posed more of a challenge for Steve and me, who wrote all the lyrics. I think the crushing production, aggressive riffing and drumming, and the interesting topic all came together to create what I feel is an amazing recording. I'm quite proud of this one.” The album will be released on September 14th.

The Massacre
Behind the Door
The Sins of My Brothers
No Angels to Catch You
By Phaeton's Design
Cranial Hemorrhage
La Mano Nera
Evening Widows
Disposal of Betrayers


NC Artists on the Rise: Beloved Rogue

Beloved Rogue is 3 friends.  Alex and Sean, who grew up here in Brooklyn, and Mike who moved to town many years ago from Boston. He had started Beloved Rogue a few years back. Previously involved in other projects, they soon bonded over a love of BJM, the Lilys and Serena Maneesh. Getting together at Seaside Lounge Studios near Sunset Park they put together a 3 song EP “Polaurora”. It includes the video and single “Daysleeping” which contains some nice jangly pop moments in its 6 minute run. The other songs on the EP run down the indie road towards the middle of the pavement, we particularly like the mellower Capital Sense. Upcoming shows this summer include the Northside Fest at Bar Matchless on June 26th. Look for some road dates and another single coming soon. - Simon Heggie


Interview with California Wives

I recently had the opportunity to ask the band California Wives a few question and here are the results. The band is performing at Beat Kitchen on June 25th with You Can Be a Wesley as part of Jonny Rumble’s record release show.

California Wives are: Jayson Kramer (vocals, keys, guitar), Dan Zima (bass, vocals), Hans Michel (guitar, keys), Joe O’Connor (drums).


Indian signs to Relapse Records

Last week Relapse Records announced that they had signed Chicago metal band Indian. The band will be heading to Semaphore Recordings in early October with engineer Sanford Parker to record their first full-length album for Relapse. Indian formed in 2003 and has self-released a 7” EP followed by three full-length albums on Seventh Rule Recordings. Indian are among the confirmed guests at this year’s Kuma’s Corner Anniversary Block Party held in July at the famous heavy metal eatery in Chicago, IL. Other musical guests include Earthridge, Red Fang, The Atlas Month, and more. Complete show details will be announced soon on Kuma’s website.


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