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Deli CMJ Marathon Runner #2: Dale

Dale likes experimental music because, why not? Life is a series of arbitrary decisions anyway, may as well translate that to our tunes. Jazz is cool, too, but mostly for the same reasons – improv and chance music should be taken more seriously in the musical mainstream. Anyway, Dale grew up in the indie cradle of the Pacific Northwest and has done a lot of very nerdy things in relation to music, in that area. New York treats his sensibilities better.
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Jump Down with The Cool Kids

It's finally here, and I hope you ordered your free pair of 3D glasses. Travis Barker has released the video for "Jump Down" which features The Cool Kids.


My My My's War Party

This Friday My My My will be celebrating the release of a new single called War Party. This is a follow-up their latest full-length album Leather Silk which was released back in May.

My My My will be performing at Subterranean on October 15th with Steve Stone, Secondary Modern, and The Hudson Landing.


The Shake play rock and roll - and a bunch of CMJ shows

The Shake are a New York rock band that takes pride in playing authentic, no-frills Rock'n'Roll. During an interview with The Columbia Spectator, drummer Dan Kirschen responded to a question about the highly-produced sound that lately seems to be the trend in Indie music by saying that "a good song is a good song. [One ought not to] betray the fundamentals." Perhaps the ideology of the band is a bit out of whack with the common trends, but the band members' mutual love for essential rock songwriting and powerful performance represents the core of this band's identity. The Shake have an intense CMJ schedule this year. On October 19 they will be at Bowery Electric, on Thursday the 21 at Spike Hill during the day and Matchless in the evening. On Sunday, they will play a "wind down CMJ show" with a rare, in fact, their first, acoustic performance at Pianos. With a new album due out some time next year, now would be a good time to jump on The Shake's bandwagon.


Album Review: Side B, The Georgian Company

The Georgian Company is a band in identity crisis.  At least that's the notion one would gather after listening to their new EP Side B.  In the five songs on the release, the sound goes from wildly, incredibly, and, honestly, well-done, country, to contemporary power-pop-rock in the vein of perhaps Vampire Weekend with more attitude--a sort of Blade 3 vs. Twilight, in that there seems to be more energy, and a different understanding, but some deep-seeded core similarity--and then taking that pop-rock sound back down to a slightly poppier-country, before the album finishes on a more classic-country sound, all the while keeping a kind of seperation away from the entire genre.  

It's an interesting feeling, to be sure, listening to the EP in a single sitting.  Singer/Songwriter George Irwin at times nails and exemplifies the sharp southern-twang that the band flirts with as a whole, while at other times, has a completely smooth cry, while the rest of the band easily follows suit with their ability to adapt as well, moving seamlessly from country ballad to power-pop-rock, showcasing an gorgeous amount of artistic range as a group.  Regardless, Side B shows that The Georgian Company is a band of flirtation, never settling for a single greater-genre group, which is rare in a band, as all too often you see bands trying to break out by blending two different styles of rock and roll, or rock and rap, etc, but The Georgian Company decided to mix a steel guitar and a synthesizer, an electric guitar and a banjo, and they're all the better for it.

--Mitchell Mazurek


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