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The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

Read it digitally here.

P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!


At The Delancey on Tuesday 10.18 we'll have a truly fantastic bill with 9 NYC based electro-pop bands - and it's going to be free!. 21+ - $8.
Full listings of the Deli's CMJ shows here. See below for the Dream Pop and Alt Rock stages that same night in the same venue (downstairs).

P.S. If you are into Pedal Effects, don't miss The Deli's STOMP BOX EXHIBIT at CMJ on Friday and Saturday!!!


7.00 - The Casualty Process

7.40 - Illuminator
8.20 - Tiny Victor ies
9.00 - Mitten
9.40 - Computer Magic

10.20 - Psychobuildings

11.00 - Pretty Good Dance Moves

11.40 - Caged Animals

12.20 - Slam Donahue


Buzz Alert! TMBOY release new single, perform at Elsewhere on 07.25

Since its inception, the term IDM has proved a nebulous term to actually pin down. When does an artist’s music cross the threshold of standard electronica and become heady enough for the IDM distinction? TMBOY are not an IDM group, but their wonderful melding of genres on their new singles “Focus” attempts to deconstruct the term without sacrificing the rousing pop passions that made their 2015 self-titled release so captivating. The vocals from Sarah Aument are airy but don’t get lost in the varied and shuffling production of Will Shore. The drum patterns are reminiscent of UK house music’s constant propulsion and progression from one idea to the next. Ghostly synths appear and dissipate as tropical drums bubble up and fade. Its grooves and hook are so infectious, but the underlying synthetic elements collapse in meditative and transfixing ways. It's a testament to the group’s adventurous nature that they constructed a gem of a pop song with the DNA of an IDM deep cut. TMBOY will be performing at Elsewhere on July 25 and you can stream their new single below. - Tucker Pennington


Clearance “Haven’t You Got The Time”

Clearance has released a second single, “Haven’t You Got The Time”, from their forthcoming LP, At Your Leisure, which will be released on August 3rd via Topself Records.

You can help Clearance celebrate the new album on August 3rd at The Hideout.


Fime release video for "Hover Hand," new EP out 7/20

Fime deliver a powerful dose of hook-heavy power pop on their latest single, "Hover Hand." Taken from their forthcoming EP, Outside, the four-piece project a cheeky, outsider vibe in how they explore themes of fleeting hope and isolation. But Fime are not ones to mope, and much akin to some classic alt-rock bands from their home state, their urgent, yet playful melodicism sounds slick even when the edges are slightly frayed. Shot in Super 8 film, the music video for the track shows candid footage of the band members roaming around some local places of interest you might recognize.

Fime are holding a EP release show for Outside at Rudy's Barbershop on July 21. Watch the video for "Hover Hand" below. Juan Rodríguez


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