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Moritat "Cats"

The trio known as Moritat is fairly new to the Chicago scene, but from what I have heard from their new album Clill Blanzin they are going to make a big impact. The will be released on June 26th and you can catch Venus Laurel, Konstantin Jace and Corey McCafferty at The Whistler on June 25th.

MP3: Moritat "Cats"


Redgrave "Dick Moves"

Angie Mead and Stephen Howard are Redgrave, and the duo are preparing to release their new album National Act on June 13th. The band has released the albums first single, "Dick Moves".

MP3: Redgrave "Dick Move"

You can catch Redgrave at Quenchers on May 26th, at Martyrs on June 9th, and at the their free release party at The Whistler on June 13th.


Killer Moon at Empty Bottle

Killer Moon is finally seeing the release of their new lp Tunnel Vision, and the band is celebrating with a free show at Empty Bottle with Creepy Band and Alma Negra tonight, May 14th.


The Wild Finish @ Tonic Room

The Wild Finish released a new ep called "Damn Near" last month. If you are looking for straightforward pop-punk then this is your band.

You can catch The Wild Finish at Tonic Room with Star and Micey on May 19th.


Big Science "Difficulty"

Back in February we announced that Big Science would be releasing their debut album, Difficulty, on May 29th. Now as the release approaches we have the details of the release show have surfaced.

1. All The Heat Has Escaped
2. American Gravity
3. Blind Our Eyes
4. No One Ever Wakes Up (mp3)
5. Loose Change Century
6. Headlight Song
7. Crown For The Hanging
8. AM Golden
9. Subliminal
10. When You Go, Go Away

You can catch Big Science at The Burlington on May 30th and hear this powerful new record for yourself. The band is promising a brilliant light projections they create to curate each song.


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