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CD Review: My My My

The new ep from a band I've been following for a while is perhaps their most delevloped and danceable product to date. Wishing You Whatever's Best is a well produced five track gem from Russel Baylin, Sarah Snow, and My My My. The ep kicks off with "Hard Kisses" and firmly puts the listener in and world late of eighties pop glory. The ep is filled with snyths, effects, and tons of dance tracks. The second track, "24 Hour Love Affair" keeps pace and delivers a great sing-a-long chorus. I love the interplay between Baylin and Snow and the feeling that I should be hanging at a mall in line for Duran Duran tickets. My favorite track on the album is the most electronic and is called "Middle Age Hardware and Youthful Indiscretions". The track is alive with rock and technology. The ep is filled with dance floor ready tracks that are perfect for this summer heat.

The ep will be released on June 28th, and the band will be performing in July 1st at Beat Kitchen.


Maps and Atlases on La Blogotheque

Check out Maps and Atlases on La Blogotheque as part of their Invisible Children series.



Interview With Color Radio

Our first band of the month, Color Radio, is currently on tour supporting their new album Architects. However, they were kind enough to answer a few of our questions. You can read the interview here.


Interview with Color Radio

- by Jason Behrends

Our first band of the month for June was Color Radio. The just released their new album Architects this week and are currently on tour in support of the album. The band was kind enough to answer a few of our questions before they hit the road.

Deli: How did the band start?

Color Radio: “The band was initially founded by my brother Jonathan and I in the fall of 2007. After a two year stint, the two other members left to pursue other careers. Since I knew how to play drums it allowed the addition of Matt (keys), whom we knew from work, to fill my spot. Joel (bass) later joined after messaging us through Craigslist. ”

Deli: Where did the band name come from?

CR: “The old drummers grandpa would always say the best invention in his day was color radio. We thought it was simple yet catchy.”

Deli: What are your biggest musical influences?

CR: “As a band it's difficult to say as our backgrounds are very different. I would have to say jazz, ambient pop and British rock.&rdquo

Deli: What artists (local, national and/or international) are you currently listening to?

CR: “Wild Beasts, Panda Bear, Toro y Moi and The Dodos”

Deli: What's the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever bought?

CR: “Well if I can remember I think it was Saves the Day back in 2002. I remember how bad they sounded compared to their album and I thought that was so cool hah.

It's funny because the first cd I actually bought was a WWF entrance song comp. I think I was 11. I'm pretty sure lI had a red hot chili peppers cassette though.”

Deli: What do you love about Chicago?

CR: “I think it has the best mix of architecture, clean streets, community events and art/music scene out of all the major cities”

Deli: What do you hate about it?

CR: “TIt's the only place you can go tanning and make a snowman in the same week. ”

Deli: What are your plans for 2011?

CR: “We are releasing out debut full length album "Architects" this summer. We plan on doing lots of touring throughout the year to promote it. ”

Deli: What was your most memorable live show?

CR: “We played this Mexican festival one year and there was just hundreds of people watching us with looks of confusion. We didn't know what to do. Since Jon and I are Mexican Jon was speaking in Spanish between songs. I think that confused them even more. We were followed by this famous(?) girl group dressed in cowgirl outfits It was so awkward, I guess that's why I remember it. ”

Deli: Can you name a few other local bands you feel particularly close to on an artistic level?

CR: “I think we've blended well with California Wives, Flights AV, Santah and Yourself and the Air ”

Deli: What's your favorite thing to get at the deli?

CR: “Smoked Pastrami for sure ”






Color Radio



Wolf In A Spacesuit on Living Room Songs

I've long felt that Wolf In A Spacesuit has not received the attention they deserve. It was great to see them on Living Room Songs this week.



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