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Sonoi on Weathervane

Sonoi is releasing their self-titling debut album on Low Transit Industries in April. Here is another look at the band and the behind the scenes recording of the track “Micro-Colleseum” by the site Weathervane.

Sonoi is performing at The Whistler with Judson Claiborne and Eiren Caffall on March 5th.


Viet Cling of Laugh

What do you get when you cross found footage from the "metal madness" guitar instruction VHS cassette and Charlie Deets? The results are above, and if you haven’t checked out the new album from Charlie Deets, The Power of Suggestion, do it today.


Cobalt and the Hired Guns @ the Metro on 2/19

A life is made up of time, some points more definitive than others; for Cobalt and the Hired Guns, opening for State Radio at the Metro on February 19th will certainly be an unforgettable set of moments.

To play on the same bill has been a long time dream of Chicago band, 'Cobalt', a bunch of guys passionate about music and environmentalism. Their upbeat songs and ebullient stage presence has given them the opportunity to tour and share the stage with other big names like Dashboard Confessional and I Fight Dragons.

State Radio, formed in 2002 by former member of Dispatch, Chad Stokes, plays anthemic Americana. A band also bent on using their musical influence to for societal betterment, State Radio has undoubtedly made a stamp on both the sound and mission of Cobalt and the Hired Guns.

Check out Cobalt and State Radio February 19th at the Metro. All Ages, tickets $21. Doors at 6pm and show at 7pm. - Erin Keane


Ok Go on Fuel TV

You know you’re big time when… It seems like a set up to a punchline, but the truth as soon as Ok Go hit those treadmills they became “big time”. Their latest trick is a partnership with Gibson Guitars that has now found them playing on Fuel TV tomorrow night with their ultra-customized Gibson guitars. Ok Go will be performing song from their latest album Of The Blue Colour of the Sky with their new equipment that have been modified with interactive laser systems that respond to the playing of the strings, which then project abstract images that are graphic interpretations of the music. The group collaborated with artist Moritz Waldemeyer and Fendi to create these incredibly elegant and wholly unique instruments. The instruments will make their TV debut on Fuel TV’s “The Daily Habit” tomorrow night (Feb. 18th) at 8:00pm.


Concert Review: Coach House Sounds Night @ The Whistler

It happens all the time, right? You walk into to your local bar and pounding drums, swirling organs, and measured guitar. You turn to look at the stage there you see a man in a peach dress were a sort of headdress make out of flowers and banging on sheet metal. Well, it is only happened to if you had walked during a performance by the Chicago legends ONO like I did last night at The Whistler. ONO has been perfecting their wild performance art since 1980, and completely wowed the crowd. Lead singer Travis merged the presence of Saul Williams, the darkness of Mike Patton, and the fashion of Courtney Love. His is a frightening crooner that often breaks to the darker side of things.

Following ONO was the psychedelic furry or Moonrises. This band was a sonic explosion and they played with passion and plenty of feedback. They combine elements of popular acts like Wolfmother or The Black Keys, but adds a fierce darkness to their sound.

The night was incredible, but I had to leave before the gentler Lesser Birds of Paradise took the Stage. Coach House Sounds had done it again, combined inventive music with live literary reading and created an atmosphere charged with creativity.

You can catch ONO and witness the madness in person on Feb 26th @ The Woodlawn Collaborative with Suckling Pigs and Anemrosetone.


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