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Funeral Singers

As you know Califone will be releasing a film early next year called All My Friends Are Funeral Singers and recently released the soundtrack for the film via Dead Oceans. A few months ago we brought you the trailer for the film, and now here is the music video for the song “Funeral Singers” which also features footage from the film.


Classic Video of the Week

Poi Dog Pondering "Complicated" from their 1995 album Pomegranate.




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Jason Behrends - Associate Editor

Jason Behrends has lived in the suburbs of Chicago his entire life. He is the creator of the arts & culture blog What to Wear During an Orange Alert, and as a natural extend of the blog, Orange Alert Press was born. The first novel on Orange Alert Press is Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine by Chicagoan Ben Tanzer. He recently started a new reading series to be held monthly at The Whistler in Logan Square, and he is involved with three different on-line literary journals. He has been a music nerd since birth.

Brendan Losch - Contributor

Brendan Losch is a Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrument who performs under his name and also with the band Bullets In Madison. When not creating music Brendan spends time running his music blog Count Me Out.

Amy Dittmeier - Staff Writer

Amy is fabulously rich. Not so much in money, but more so in music knowledge. When she's not spending hours listening to music she never knew she owned, Amy spends her free time watching hokey horror films and eating her favorite food, hot dogs.

Erin Keane - Staff Writer

Erin Keane has been an audiophile since 1999 and a Chicagoan since 2002 when she started at Loyola University. A leasing agent by day and music scene denizen by night, you will often find her rocking out at venues on Chicago's North side.

Lisa White - Staff Writer

Lisa is a born and raised Midwestern girl who left the land of corn known as Indiana for the big city many years ago. She's had numerous adventures and escapades all in the name of music. You can usually find her at a show jumping around and encouraging others to dance, and if you ask nicely, she'll probably make you a mixtape.

Angie Rentmeester - Staff Writer

Angie Rentmeester is a recent graduate from Columbia College Chicago where she earned her Bachelors degree in Journalism. She enjoys cover anything and everything that has to do with arts and entertainment. She is currently on the hunt for a full-time job.

Charlie Nadler - Contributor

Charlie Nadler lives and works in Chicago. He plays guitar for The Sapiens and writes short fiction and humor for the interwebs.

Neph Basedow - Staff Writer

Neph is a New York native, Austin transplant, and self-admitted music fanatic. A musician since age 10 and an avid show-goer, she loves discovering and supporting local artists, frequenting Chicago's independent music venues, and nursing spirits in her favorite local dives--which often are one in the same.

Robin Whitney - Contributor

Gillian Verdico - Contributor 

Nick Coamey - Contributor




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SoulStice on The Blind Side

Ashley Llorens (aka SoulStice) shares time between Chicago and Washington, and has released six albums or mixtapes in the last six years. His latest, Beyond Boarders (an “international concept album” featuring beats crafted by Belgian producer Sbe) has grabbed the attention of the folks at Warner Brothers who decided to include SoulStice on the soundtrack for the new movie “The Blind Side”. The movie features Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw and hits theaters on the 20th. SoulStice’s contribution is a brand new track made specifically for this movie with producer Mighty Wyte, and is called “That Thang”.


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