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December 2009
"“Morning After Cuts”

It’s been three years since we last heard new material from Skybox, and the success of Arco Iris and their need to tour and recover is good reason for the wait. However, there is also that fear of a sophomore release not meeting or surpassing the expectation of its predecessor. Yet, just as their live performances have become near legendary, often evolving into spectacles that in the past have included costumes, confetti, dancing girls, snack cakes and the occasional chicken suit, Morning After Cuts will only work to build the legend and respect for this quartet. Tim Ellis and Christian Fields, Mike Holtz and Dan Ingenthron have clearly matured, experienced, and learned over the last three years and have poured every ounce of knowledge and passion into this album. Ellis’ signature falsetto and provocative nature is in full force on each of these danceable tracks. He’s currently channeling a mixture of Bowie and Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal) and Daniel Smith. Recorded with acclaimed producer Sean O'Keefe at Smart Studios in Madison, WI and Chicago's Black Sheep Music, it’s clear that this album will be an even bigger launching pad, when it is released on January 10th, than its predecessor. To expect a big 2010, with even wilder performances, from the boys of Skybox is not unreasonable. 

From Our Open Blog: $300.00 Hoodie and Take Me Home

Hello Rabble Rabble here, First off we want to thank the Deli Magazine Chicago for giving us the opportunity and putting us up on the November band of the month poll. Also thanks a huge amount to all of our fans and friends for voting and getting us the win. It means a lot to know that we have so much support and love from all of you. It keeps us going and inspires us to write and perform awesome rock and roll for you all. We just finished our Gallery of Carpets session and wanted to share the finished product with everyone. I know that you are dying to see what your efforts produced. We spent a good four hours recording and mixing two of our recent songs and they are rockin'. So go to our my space and check em out or download them for free and listen to them when ever you feel you need it! Oww! Thanks again and much love to you all. (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).


Last Minute Plans: All the Creatures of the Sea @ Empty Bottle

If you are looking to experience something a little different tonight then I suggest you make to Empty Bottle tonight in time to see the opening band All The Creatures of The Sea. Todd Leibov and George Monteleone approach music from the realm of sonic exploration, and not nessacrily melody. The build these experimental swirling pools of sound and then let patterns and rhythms leak out. Especially while on stage, this duo is firmly planted in the field of improved sound, but this is what makes the outcome so exciting. Just as when floating in the sea the adventure and pleasure is in the unknown. It is in that chance that something magical might balanced with the risk of disaster. All of this lies in the hands and in the sound of All of the Creatures of the Sea. When you visit the bands myspace page you will notice that they have three newer demos, and each work to demonstrate the progress the band has made in the last few years. They is depth and excitement, and energy that can only be felt live. Doors open at 9:30 and tickets are $8, also appearing is Conductive Alliance and Montreal's Winter Gloves


Music For Pornos

Player 1 is a name you may have seen pop up a few times this past year on albums from Remote Control Frequencies and Slow Gun Shogun, but now he has released two album filled with his private creations. The US release is called Music for Pornos, and is filled with a variety of loops and instruments romps through darker side of the Player 1 sounds. What’s interesting is that if he had not named the album what he did I don’t think I would have thought porno when I heard them. This are really fine examples of instrumental hip hop and funk. Released on November 24th, Music For Pornos is not as filled with musical cheese as you would think. In fact, Player 1 is able to balance the elements that you would expect from instrumental hip hop, but blends elements of rock and electronic music. In fact some of the track are full blown rock tracks. This balance fosters an element of surprise and a well-rounded collection. One interesting feature of Music for Pornos are the titles Player 1 has chosen. Almost all of the tracks are named after items of food, that’s right food. I suppose a 9 ½ weeks reference is in order but I’m not sure that was the intent. From honey to tomato to yam to radish, the foods seem to be random and take some of the porno steam away. Overall, Player 1 has managed to utilize the equipment and skill he has packed into his Stray Dog Studio and turn out a soundtrack not just to a porno or a meal, but to life.


Keith Masters Meets Flashwork

Flashwork is actually a new Swedish duo that is making some noise by remixing the best the indie world has to offer. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had taken a crack at one of Chicago’s finest, Keith Masters. They have taken Masters’ electro-banger and turned it into a light, synth filled ode the best the ‘80’s had to offer. “I Love To Floss” is the track and it original appeared on his recent ep Discotheque which was released over the summer.


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