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Thanks Light releases new stop-motion music video, "Little Pink Fluffy Clouds"

Austin's Thanks Light has released a charming new music video for "Little Pink Fluffy Clouds." It's a colorful and creative compliment to the song's jangly, indie-rock vibe, with chord structures and tones reminiscent of bands like Wilco, Why? and Pavement. The video is entirely composed of DIY stop-motion animation: figurines and shaving cream dance and swirl around the screen, while fridge-magnet letters and Lite-Brite spell out the song's lyrics. It's clear the indie quartet had fun with the video, and the fun is contagious. Check out the video below! - Ethan Ames

Thanks Light : : Little Pink Fluffy Clouds : : from Enjoy Eyes on Vimeo.


Pauline Releases "Life Away" In Anticipation of Debut Full-Length

Preparing for the release of their debut album, Little Blue, the Austin-based quartet, Pauline, has rolled out a new single called "Life Away". The single blends 80's styled analog synths with heartfelt songwriting that drips with introspective melancholy. Vocalist, Ethan Ames, gives an understated but deft vocal performance that matches the instrumentation perfectly. The lyrics are rife with frustrated prose on addiction and shame that give the song depth. Pauline has released two other singles; "When You're Out There" and "Say Goodbye" but the latest single seems to be building momentum towards the full-length release. Keep any eye on Pauline as they gear up for their debut release.




Pastel Ghost Releases New Single "3NDL3SS"


 A hidden gem interwoven in the fabric of Austin's eclectic music scene, Pastel Ghost is throttling her presence with the exceptional release of her sophomore album, Ethereality. Pastel Ghost brings blissful electro-soundscapes to surface with a few barbs of introspective darkness that gives her music a haunting mystique. Her first single, "3NDL3SS", has tropical synths floating over house-beats that are pulsing and unreachable at the same time. Pastel Ghost's vocals are sultry and seductive, like a chanteuse luring you to her room down the hall. The result is that Pastel Ghost creates an alternative world where reality gets put in the rearview, and the listener becomes immersed in a fantasy-like trance. While her music is neither light or dark, this dreamraver creates a nuanced perspective of love and loss that is not easily forgotten.



Wojcik Releases Debut Winter Winds EP

 Recorded over the last two and a half years, Winter Winds, is the debut EP for Austin-based singer Mathew Wojcik. Heavily influenced by Springsteen's Nebraska and Wojcik's own experience with loss, the debut is packed with wistfulness and a naked vulnerability that transfixes. The five song debut was recorded in Austin with the help of Mathew's wife Virginia, Gianna Sarmiento, and Evan Kaspar. Wojcik is a natural storyteller that borrows from Mount Eerie's talk/sing delivery to resonate themes and hits a meandering forlorn tone that is reminiscent of early Modest Mouse. While there is a room to run on production, Wojcik has delivered a powerful debut that has harbingers of great songwriting.

Wojcik will be playing October 17th at Sahara Lounge with Matthew Squires. 



Andrew W.K. Brings Affirmation-Rock To Ravenous Austin Crowd

Andrew W.K. walked into the Mohawk on Saturday night like a knighted champion of the court of partying. The one-man-band who found success with his 2001 debut album, I Get Wet, has continued to get new music out consistently despite issues with his record company. His latest album, You’re Not Alone, might be his strongest to date and his subsequent tour has unveiled a mature yet charismatic Andrew, who approaches his shows with a perfectionist mentality.

While many artists are complacent with lulls in their live show, bookending weaker tracks with hits, Andrew W.K. refuses to concede those nadirs in his show. Beginning with the building track of “The Power of Partying”, the stage then explodes with “Music Is Worth Living For” in flashes of strobe and Andrew in a messiah-like pose.  Many of Andrew’s songs, especially off the new album, have affirmation built into them and they serve as much as inspiration as they do for musical entertainment.


While Andrew is the focal point of the chaos onstage, he is surrounded by a perfectly rehearsed band that continuously challenges each other’s energy levels. Guitarist, Amanda Lepre, is a tour de force and also happens to be an Austinite, while his dominant drummer, Clark Danger, was discovered after submitting a personal Youtube video of himself covering


To say the set is polished is wild understatement and theatrical songs like “Ready To Die”, “She Is Beautiful” and “We Want Fun” are met with a riotous crowd reaction. Andrew W.K. addresses the crowd in his most sophomoric but endearing party-voice:


 “We’ve been partying in the Hill Country for a long time… And all those parties have swirled into one deja-vu party that keeps getting better. Even if you blackout tonight and don’t remember the show, your soul will still remember!”


W.K would get through 13 riveting tracks before another 4 that would throttle the encore. The final song would be his rainmaker, with “Party Hard” getting one more primal reaction from fans.  While Andrew W.K. might have a mainstream reputation of being a meathead headbanger, his songs tell a different story of positivity and resilience that adds another level of depth to his orchestrations. A liberated and optimistic Andrew, makes for a seemingly endless future of inspiring music.



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