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March 2016
My Gold Mask
"Anxious Utopia

Gretta Rochelle and Jack Armondo working on the dark electro-pop sound of My Gold Mask since 2009. On their latest album, dropping today, March 4th, on Moon Sounds Records, Anxious Utopia, the duo may have finally found perfection. It may be the addition of James Andrews on production, but most of the songs on the album were written by Armondo and Rochelle. This album is a mixture of dance pop in the vain of Carly Rae Jepsen and dark gothic pop of Siouxsie Sioux. Rochelle is powerful and commanding through out with Armondo and Andrews providing her driving and infectious club ready tracks. Anxious Utopia is My Gold Mask clearly firing on all cylinders.

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Annabelle Chairlegs is Dreamy, Lo-Fi and Has an Axe

Annabelle Chairlegs' music and video for track "Axe Me If I Care" is all dreamed-out California sunsoaked indie pop. Lead wailer Lindsey Mackin's voice and look are like someone took a hair off Valley Girl-era Bonnie Hayes' punk/pop head (not, to be clear, pop punk) and did mad music science to spit out a new creature that had Hayes' gripping vocal abilities, but was a bit more hippy-ish. In fact, if it weren't for the punklike edge in Mackin's voice and the pared down drum sound, Annabelle Chairlegs tracks sound nearly straight out of the 60s. Throw that punk twist on it, and drop a little bit of 90s alt rock jangle, and it's workin' for me. These guys are raw and rough, but the potential is there for this band to go big places.

Annabelle Chairlegs have an album in the works and are about to get their young asses on the road for a tour that kicks off on January 28 at Cheer Up Charlies downtown with ILEZO, Cucumber & The Suntans, Who & The Fucks. Get there, and get gaudy with these kids.



Grace London Tops Our Open Submission Poll

Grace London has come out on top of our open submissions poll for the Deli Artist of the Year, and while we still have a few rounds to go before the final Austin Artist of the Year is named, we figured it was high time we covered Grace again.

It's been about a year since we last showcased the singer-songwriter, meaning she's now 15, and in that one year Grace has only grown more visible and exciting in the local scene. It's also seen the release of her album Brains, the title of which refers to something London obviously has more of than your typical noggin-full. Lyrics-wise, she's hitting the pen to paper like a veteran, and vocally you can hear a lot of Jenny Lewis in Grace's new songs. With a Beck cover on Brains ("Girl Dreams"), that era of 90s/00s indie folk seems like an appropriate touchstone when it comes to the influences on London's latest work.

The Deli is here to bring you the work of musicians before they blow up, and as a teenager topping lists like our open submissions poll, Grace London is just that. Keep an eye on this space for continuing coverage leading up to our announcement of our Artist of the Year, and in the meantime, check out the newest work from this top contender who is just at the beginning of her career.



Winter 2015. NYC Issue #41
Read it here

Austin Open Submission Results for The Deli's Year End Poll 2014 for emerging artists

Thanks to all the artists who submitted their music to be considered for The Deli's Best of Austin Year End Poll for Emerging Artists.

After tallying our editors' ratings for the Open Submissions stage, it’s time to release the results - which this year are interestingly heavy on the... folky ladies! Please note that to avoid conflicts no local editor was allowed to vote for bands in their own scene.

Total submissions from Austin: 32

Jurors: Jurors: QD Tran (The Deli Philly), Jordannah Elizabeth (The Deli SF), Paolo De Gregorio (The Deli NYC).

Acts advancing to our Readers/Fans Poll:

1. Grace London - 7.6 (out of 10)


2. Taylor & the Wild Now - 7.16


3. Leah Nobel - 7.16


4. Molybden - 7


5. Emily Wolfe - 7


Honorable Mentions (scores above 6.5)

Holiday Mountain, Gossamer Frontier, Delaney Gibson, Wildcat Apollo, Jackie Venson, The Manifest Electric, Texas Microphone Massacre, KP and the Boom Boom, Dead Tree Duo, Calliope Musicals.


WHAT’S NEXT: These results end the first phase of the poll. We have already unveiled full list of nominees that also includes the artists nominated by our local jurors (see left column here). It's now time for our readers to influence this Year End Poll for Emerging Austin Artists with their vote - look out for th readers' poll on the right column of this same page!

The Deli Austin


Vocal group Keeper is next up in our look at the four artists nominated for Artist of the Month. Keeper is three Austin ladies, and they are undoubtedly leading the way when it comes to local singing talent collaborating with ATX beatmakers. Working from the premise of creating interesting harmonies to complement production by some of our most quality hiphop and electronic music producers like Pagame, Anna Love and Boombaptist, Keeper are giving local tracks stunning local vocals. It's nice when you can source that shit from the home team, and even nicer when you end up with a quality sound like Keeper's, which floats somewhere between pop and old R&B, but with a definite awareness of the electronic music vocalists of the past. It's not hard to imagine that some upcoming track collab between an Austin producer on top of their game and Keeper on theirs will get some major national attention pretty soon. Keep an ear on these guys, and vote for em to the right if you're so inclined.





What's your favorite Emerging Chicago Artist on this list?

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