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Artist of the Year Interview: Löwin

After a month of intense deliberation, polling and exactly 500 million emails sent on the subject, The Deli Austin announced our Emerging Artist of the Year a few weeks ago. This year's edition is Löwin, a rising rock act that just about ran away with the whole contest. We had a chat with the newly crowned Artists of the Year for 2014, and that's what we've got for you to get yer eyes on today:

Löwin is The Deli Austin's 2014 Artist of the Year. Our jurors and readers handily voted you into the winner's spot, how do you guys feel about that?

S: It feels pretty awesome considering we didn't even have a record out in 2014! To me that just means we won people over with our live show which is a wonderful feeling for a band...especially one as new as we are.

C: Yeah, the response at our shows has been great every time we play out, and when people are into you it just makes you want to perform that much harder for them.

N: Feels great, there were a lot of awesome bands in the poll.

K: Very awesome. Its a great feeling knowing the shows are making noise and it just makes the EP release that much more exciting.

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Gal Pals take their Garage Pop from Austin to LA + play SXSW

LA just got a big ole gift from the city of Austin, Texas, as rocker pair Gal Pals has made the big jump further west. Gal Pals makes stripped-down, up-energy summer pop that’s a good bit garage, and also a good bit of bubblegum and fun. Y’get the feeling listening to their music that these two ladies moved to Cali just to put their music in the right setting, which is undoubtedly a beach party in the warm day, with the Gal Pals’ lazer-bright clothes and sunglasses standing out against the blue sky as they blast out their guitar-and-drums-and-nothin’-else pop music. The band will be playing official shows at SXSW this coming March.


Sune's Dark Texas Minimal Technopop

Damned dark, weird electronics with lady vocals; you get me every time. This time it's Austin's Sune providing the hit off the darkness pipe, an electronic duo that undoubtedly deserves to be better known by its hometown. Their unique brand of electronic pop, with roots in Björk and minimal techno (no surprise that one half is from Germany), has landed Sune on some interesting stages over the past year or so, like the excellent Exploded Drawing's 3 Year Anniversary show, at the equally excellent Museum of Human Achievement, and even the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston (you can watch some of that show here). Most recently they put out an arresting live video for their track "Jafar," filmed at music gig connection service Solstice Live's Loft. "Jafar" is frantic and jerky, like a mad run through the night into a forest of LED lights. Its strange, muted rhythm is overwhelmed by the sometimes off-pitch, constantly changing "melody" of bleeps that feels like it just could drive you happily mad after too much exposure, but this warped and wild sound is contrasted to great effect with harp-like tones and echoing vocals from singer Audri Acuña. This is future music, my friends. Give the future a good long listen below and at their Soundcloud here, and look for Sune to keep up a frequent set of shows both local and international as that future keeps moving ahead. In fact, if you're out and about on Friday February 27, get out to Cheer Up Charlie's and see some Sune at The Human Circuit's record release party.


Quiet Company, Cilantro Boombox and More Austin Bands Cover Other ATXers

STUCK is a non-profit org and production company here in ole Austin whose mission is to create ways for artists to connect with the state and each other. It's a neat little group, and among the products of their labor are things like the ultra-high-quality, Vimeo-based music show Hardly Sound and apartofstuck, through which they release music.

Using this last outlet and following their musician and Texas-supporting missions, STUCK has just released "Frog Music Licensing Presents: Parallels Volume One" with, as you might guess, Frog Music Licensing. This 15 track album/playlist is packed like The White Horse on honky-tonk night with local musicians, each of whom records a cover of another Austin-based musician. It's got quality names both on the side of those doing the covering (Cilantro Boombox, The Invincible Czars, Tee Double and more) and those being covered (The Octopus Project, A. Sinclair, Ghostland Observatory, Ben Kweller etc.).

We were handed the whole shebang, and it’s an affair of quality, with standout tracks being Zookeeper’s “Ballad of My Friends” covered by Quiet Company (and available below) and Box of Baby Birds’ cover of Bill Baird’s “New York Love.” Listen to the whole album from Frog Music Licensing and STUCK, and which is about as Austin as it can get, here.


Austin can't stop making world-class beats. I mean really, it's like every other day someone here puts out some new shit that is living on that burning edge of advanced innovative beatmaking. This time around it's Tangence, also known as Tanner Griffin, who came out of the digital woods a couple days ago bearing a six-track short album called Lovers Lost, and it is the straight, uncut goods.

Tangence is part of the Sole Glow Collective (we've profiled some Sole Glow-related acts lately, like ManoftheDown), and this newest release follows in the Sole Glow tradition of undeniably thoughtful, electronic genre-bending music with a clear hip-hop influence. More than even some of his Austin contemporaries like ManoftheDown, who admittedly has a foot firmly in the experimental pond, Tangence plays around with his BPM and influences in every track, sometimes even switching up the sound completely multiple times in the same track. Album opener "With Me" and track "The Truth" even go almost ambient at parts, which is pretty damn cool and gives the whole album a refreshing narrative substance that few electronic acts aim for these days. The whole piece of work here is solid end-to-end, and it's just another bit of proof to throw onto the growing mountain of production work that is a digital monument to Austin becoming a key figure in the national beat-making scene. Check out standout track "With Me" below, and the rest of the album here, where you can also order the thing in super-limited-edition vinyl form. Additionally, those in the 512 with ears and a will to get mindblown by beats can see Tangence along with our December Artist of the Month ManoftheDown and a few of their excellent friends at Vulcan Gas Co. on February 20 for no damn cover. Free beats, y'all.


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