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August 2014
Dead Native
"Dead Native

Dead Native's self-titled sophomore album has an overall cosmic feel starting with the cover but building through out in the sound. The band blends echoing elements of psych rock, shoegaze, mototik, and pop. There is also a blues under current, but it is toned down from their 2013 debut, Keep It Strange". The adventure on the new album builds through out the tracks, but the most effective cosmic track has to be "Traveling". The 9 minute epic space journey seems built to put anyone into orbit. It is followed up by the one of the heavier tracks, "Clean Kill", that trudges through muddy fields of throbbing guitars. The album closes with an anthemic flourish with "Respite" with all instruments soaring to a close. This may or may not be a concept album, but it does truly feel like a complete listen that was meant to be played track by track. Dead Native's new album will be released on Sept. 2nd.

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The Rocketboys Release Their First Video

The Rocketboys have released their first music video and it is surely worth the anticipation. With the overlying theme of the distance traveled in life, whether it be the tour the Rocketboys are chronicling on screen or the song’s lyrics, about coming to terms with the distance that grows in between people, these guys really hit the head on the nail with this one. It is never a bad thing in a music video when the song is good enough to stay interesting for 4 minutes with no video, and the same goes for the video without the song…when combined though, they expertly complement each other. Check this one out!


Red 7 meets Austin Experimental Blues Rockers Headdress in 9 Days

 I am extremely interested in the combining of the unordinary recently. Headdress does it for me. Blues as traditional as it’s served with a twist of experimental on the top. They kind of sound like Radiohead covering John Lee Hooker but it is done about as smoothly as it possibly could be. About as smooth as the drink Thom Yorke and the late Mr. Hooker would deserve for pulling something like this off. On Saturday August 4th, come to Red 7 to hear the tune posted bellow, on top of everything else Headdress has to offer, and maybe even that cover of The Doors’ hit The End they have been known to rock from time to time.


Wild Moccasins take on Mohawk next Tuesday, July 31st

Yes, I am aware they are from Houston. Yes, I am aware that this song came out in 2010. Now that we got that out of the way, let me take my remaining 67-ish words to praise one of my favorite Texas indie-pop acts around, Wild Moccasins. It seems less and less frequent these days that bands are willing to touch the line between eclectic and a good time. Self-indulgent 7 minute tracks featuring a banjo, a bongo and a soprano cover one, the other is taken care of by trying to relive the ‘70s. Wild Moccasins do neither, but make you want to dance to artistically interesting music. And that should be enough to come check them out here in Austin on July 31st at Mohawk.


Austin natives Wild Child line up 3 Texas Shows for August

 Rarely do you find two singers whose voices complement each other like those of Alexander Beggins and Kelsey Wilson. I could now write a rambling list of metaphors comparing their vocals in Wild Child to about 1500 other things that go well together, but I could also not do that. No metaphors needed, listen to one of their tracks and you will get exactly what I’m talking about. Voices like those backed by some of the folkiest indie rock or indiest folk rock (can’t quite figure it out) around are worth checking out on August 8th at Zilker Park (w/ The Eastern Sea), August 10th at The Black Heart (w/ Shakey Graves) or trucking it over to Houston on the 17th (w/ New York City Queens and Sour Notes) for.


Tin Can Phone Releases "Escape From the Sun", To Play Beauty Ballroom July 29th

 Do you know any bass players? If so, please tell them I found their new favorite song. On “Escape From the Sun”,the latest from Deli Artist of the Month Nominee Tin Can Phone, the bass is driving, it is catchy, it is funky, and it is front and center. Any bass player who wants the satisfaction of making their frontman or lead guitarist take a backseat for once just found their next cover song. Merry Christmas-in-July, bass players. On top of that wicked bass line, TCP brings us some of the coolest guitar and percussion sounds around and a vocal line truly complimentary of the music. And some how they squeeze a couple of larger-than-life choruses in there too….This isn't your mom and dad's reggae-infused experimental psycadelic rock, folks. 


Power Chief Rocking Austin All Summer

Courtesy of Power Chief, the blues are alive and well in Austin, Texas. The four-piece band combines Black Sabbath-like riffs with the soulful harmonica of Zach Johnson. All of the instrumentation is tied together under the graveling voice of lead singer and guitarist Rio Norris. Norris sounds like he smokes a carton of cigarettes before singing each song, and I mean that in the best way possible. Power Chief will be rocking Austin throughout the summer. They hit the Mohawk July 19th and then the Legendary White Swan a week later. In August, the band will play the Hole in the Wall the 23rd and Beerland the 24th. Listen to the dirt romp “Mexican Funeral” below. - Josh Johnson


The Eastern Sea's Matt Hines Playing Mohawk

The Eastern Sea’s album “Plague,” released last month, is one of my favorite records released this year. The album’s biggest strength is the voice of frontman and founder Matt Hines. Oddly familiar yet totally unique, haunting yet strikingly uplifting, Hines’ voice takes the listener on a lush and winding journey. The ornate instrumentation serves as a perfect complement, and the result is just a fantastic listen. The Eastern Sea won’t be back in Austin until October’s Austin City Limits Festival, but Hines will perform a solo set July 18th at the Mohawk. “The Line,” the final track on “Plague,” is streaming below. - Josh Johnson


The Saint James Society releases video for "Ballad of the White Horse"

Austin's epic psych rockers The Saint James Society just released this outstanding video of their single "Ballad of the White Horse," from their February self-titled release. This majestic, sexy, powerfully evocative song suddenly makes the idea of getting lost in the desert - with guns - more appealing than it's ever been (as long as gorgeous members of the opposite sex will join the party). Kudos to Katelin Arizmendi, who directed the video.



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