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March 2016
My Gold Mask
"Anxious Utopia

Gretta Rochelle and Jack Armondo working on the dark electro-pop sound of My Gold Mask since 2009. On their latest album, dropping today, March 4th, on Moon Sounds Records, Anxious Utopia, the duo may have finally found perfection. It may be the addition of James Andrews on production, but most of the songs on the album were written by Armondo and Rochelle. This album is a mixture of dance pop in the vain of Carly Rae Jepsen and dark gothic pop of Siouxsie Sioux. Rochelle is powerful and commanding through out with Armondo and Andrews providing her driving and infectious club ready tracks. Anxious Utopia is My Gold Mask clearly firing on all cylinders.

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Les Zombies

The two available songs (aside from some very lo-fi live show recordings) from Les Zombies probably actually were recorded in a garage. Whether that’s true or not, this group unquestionably exemplifies that true garage rock sound from the 90s when weird didn’t always mean avant garde or layered in electronics. A day when pared down drums and bass with lyrics romanticizing day-to-day life in fun, solid indie rock songs was a goddamn real thing happening. There’s much to wonder about Les Zombies, being a group that's about as emerging as it gets with very little recorded material, but if they can keep encapsulating the halcyon days of garage rock like in “Thunder and Lightning” here, then they’ve really got something neat going on. If nothing else, it’s a welcome way to take your ears back in time a bit.




Shmu’s Bandcamp page (that you should go to, what for the good music listening) uses the following words to describe their music: “dream pop/shoegaze meets glitchy psych RN fusion sexy baseball loversauce.” That kind of trailing off into the descriptical nonsensical-lovely comes off more than a bit off-kilter, but for Shmu’s pop-gone-odd sound, it fits just right. For once, getting abstract in a band descrip actually feels straight-up honest and useful.

Trying to get at this solo project (that sounds like a whole band)’s sound without getting weird and lovely plain wouldn’t work. You might hear a bit of shoegaze in there, sure, and maybe Toro y Moi comes to mind in the synthy bits, but there’s more than a good many somethings in this music that belong entirely to itself. That, then, Shmu is also one half of an Austin staple band that actually does kinda does keep this city weird in Zorch is no surprise at all. Oh and apparently this guy will write a personalized song for you, if you but ask? It seems to me like it’s high time that we all know Shmu. And to know Shmu, is to have a serious, hard love for Shmu.



Holiday Mountain Topping Lists Again, Album and RJD2 Show Upcoming

Holiday Mountain is a band that just wants you to have some damn fun. Watchin’ these cats live, you get the feeling that having fun is somethin’ they’re probably pretty good at themselves. If the last few years are any indication, though, there’s something else that Holiday Mountain is pretty darn good at, and that’s getting their music into ears and their name into minds all over the nation.

Just look at what they’ve been up to lately- hot off being The Deli’s 2013 winner of our Best of 2013 Poll for Emerging Austin Artists, Holiday Mountain just wrapped a tour with big-name act Ben Kweller and followed up that impressive feat with a residency at NYC locals-favorite venue Pianos. And, just this week, they nailed the #3 spot on Sonic Vault’s Top 25 Austin Bands of 2014 list, following a #1 showing last year.

Add to that a February 28 show at Empire Control Room & Garage with the inimitable electronic virtuoso RJD2 (one of the best live acts this writer has ever witnessed) and their album You Be You, set to drop soon, and 2015 looks to be only more of the same for Holiday Mountain. Get your ears on their new single below, look out for that album, and have some fun with Holiday Mountain dammit. -- Trevor Talley @defenderdefends


KNIFIGHT at Holy Mountain

KNIFIGHT is a strange beast. Influences of 80s synth are potent but they maintain a modern indie rock backbeat. Think Depeche Mode mixed with a  strange Modest Mouse dance vibe. Hipster dance party for sure. The five piece band - Patrick Marshall, John Hetherington, John Gable, Nick Cogdill and Nick Garrison - know how to keep the 80s vibes alive. This past year they released, "Now We're Invisible Revisited," a remake of their 2010 debut EP. KNIFIGHT plays Holy Mountain this Friday Dec. 12 where a portion of the proceeds benefit local Austin charities. So go get your synth on…it’s for a good cause. 


Good Vibrations Music Fest

The tagline for Burger City Rock N Roll's Good Vibrations Fest says it all…"4 Days of peace, love and punk." Kicking off today and continuing through Dec. 7, the mini fest will take place over three venues, Hotel Vegas, Gypsy Lounge and The Grand. Local Austin acts like Ghetto Ghouls and Nameless Frames are part of the twenty plus lineup. Visiting bands will take part as well and y'all know it will be one hundred percent punk rock. Get more info about tix and set times here. Good vibes = good times. 

Weekend Highlights:

Friday Dec. 5

Hotel Vegas: Bad Sports 

Gypsy Lounge: Annabelle Chairlegs 

Sat Dec. 6

Hotel Vegas: Spray Paint

Gyspsy Lounge - Crooked Bangs 

Sun Dec.7

The Grand: Beth Israel




What's your favorite Emerging Chicago Artist on this list?

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