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deli cover

August 2014
Dead Native
"Dead Native

Dead Native's self-titled sophomore album has an overall cosmic feel starting with the cover but building through out in the sound. The band blends echoing elements of psych rock, shoegaze, mototik, and pop. There is also a blues under current, but it is toned down from their 2013 debut, Keep It Strange". The adventure on the new album builds through out the tracks, but the most effective cosmic track has to be "Traveling". The 9 minute epic space journey seems built to put anyone into orbit. It is followed up by the one of the heavier tracks, "Clean Kill", that trudges through muddy fields of throbbing guitars. The album closes with an anthemic flourish with "Respite" with all instruments soaring to a close. This may or may not be a concept album, but it does truly feel like a complete listen that was meant to be played track by track. Dead Native's new album will be released on Sept. 2nd.

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Lonely Child's New Album, I Can See Forever, Released 2/6/13

Bryan Ray is the heart and soul of Lonely Child as producer, songwriter and musician. Lonely Child surpasses any one genre as it branches out to many composing an R&B, neo-soul, electro, pop orgy for your ears. He seamlessly pieces together these genres in his most recent single "I Can See Forever", opening listeners up to his powerful vocals as he sings his passionate lyrics. Lonely Child is currently working on another new single, "Dead Life", to be released this May. - Written by Katy Glass

I Can See Forever by Lonely Child


Salesman's New Single, Horn, Solo Show @ The Owl 5/11/13

In just over three minutes, Salesman’s new single, "Horn", manages to shake your equilibrium. The song begins with Devin James Fry’s plaintive warning: “There is a horn blowing here in my heart.” Accompanied by a downright creepy bass line and drums that are as sparse and hollow as the rattling of bones, "Horn" achieves an almost mythic quality. Halfway through, the bass slinks to the background and the snare cuts through a wash of blissed-out guitar. We’re on a journey here, and when the song finally ends with a spacey sing-along, we can only faintly remember where we began.

As with previous Salesman releases, the real star is Devin James Fry’s haunting delivery. Percussion once again plays a prominent role, but the addition of Grant Himmler on the bass is the real revelation. He gives the song a perfect counterpoint to the stunning vocals and fills in the spaces left by the fluttering percussion. Don’t miss out on this single. You can get it by naming your own price here. To see Devin in all his glory, come to The Owl on 5/11/13 for the record release of Songs From Lincoln by Molybden also featuring David Longoria from the Black and Dustin Eastes. -- Written by Josh Denslow


some say Leland Featured on Jason Molina Tribute Album, Playing w/ Ethan Azarian @ Barton Springs Bathhouse 4/26/13, TONIGHT

Some Say Leland has been in "hibernation" for nearly two years, but now they're back and ready to release some musical wonders. This experimental folk band is working on two songs for a tribute album dedicated to the recently deceased Jason Molina. The album will also feature other local bands such as Linen Closet and James Petralli of White Denim and is scheduled to be released 5/16/13. But that's not all they are working on... After getting a sneak peek into their next album which is reminiscent of Damien Rice, I am very excited about it and you should be too! See you tonight. -- Written by Katy Glass

Some Say Leland - 34 Blues by apartofstuck

Leopold and His Fiction Tour the Nation, Local Show @ Stubb's 6/2/13

Timeless and transcendent, Leopold and His Fiction is like a delicious simmering musical stew with heavy flavors of Rock and Roll, Blues, a dash of Folk and shreddings of guitar. Their music is sure to satisfy your tastebuds while you dance around the kitchen. Oddly enough, the man behind that Freddie Mercury-esque mustache is not named Leopold, but Daniel James.

Although inspired by a fictional character created by Daniel during his time in San Francisco, there is nothing fictional about how talented his band is. Together since 2005 and currently residing in Austin, Leopold and His Fiction is now on tour but will be returning for a local show in June inside Stubb's. Check out their live performance style here. -- Written by Courtney Pierce

Waves (Golden) - Leopold and His Fiction by EyeintheSkyCollective


Twigs & Yarn, Yuurei Single Released 3/8/13, Show w/ Dana Falconberry @ The Owl, 4/28/13

Twigs & Yarn, composed of Lauren McMurray and Stephen Orsak, is band of the dream genre. Their concept provides a sound much closer to an emotional journey, than a sing-a-long hit. Their new single Yuurei, recently released in March, sends listeners on a lucid journey through a spectrum of sounds from the soft sigh of the vocals, to the twinkling sounds of the keyboard that collide to evoke a soothing, eerie elation for your ears. It's not a song that you get used to, it's a song that you experience. -- Written by Katy Glass




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