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Bayonne (Formerly Known as Roger Sellers) Releases Gorgeous Looping Single "Appeals," Album Coming

It may look like we're posting about a new artist here, but (as many of you probably already know) Bayonne is an artist we at The Deli Austin are well familiar with; in fact, he graced the cover of our SXSW print issue just one year ago. Back then this artist went by his real-world name of Roger Sellers, but he's now taken the lovely name of Bayonne, which we think is rather fitting indeed for his beautiful music.

Speaking of, Bayonne put out another drippingly gorgeous new track into the ether under his new moniker about a month ago in order to prepare the ears of the world for his upcoming album Primitives, his debut full-length as Bayonne. Bayonne is known for his single-man looping mastery, and this single, called “Appeals,” has him at his very loopiest best, layering synth-wrought bells, thudding drum beats, understated guitar, crowdsound vocal sample and his own voice over a bright, summery piano melody that rises and falls and rises again like a fluttering feather in the wind. It's quite beautiful, especially at its heavily but delicately layered climax, and it shows that Bayonne may have a new name, but he is a musician who has worked hard for years to hone his particular sound into something all his own, and all sorts of good.

We can't wait for the full release, which comes sometime in the next month going by his Facebook posts. You can pre-order it at Bayonne's website here, whereyou can also check out his extensive tour list, which includes SX shows (at Waterloo Records, Container Bar, Barracuda and The Driskill) and a Spring tour all across the nation.


The Boleys Do Some Damn Fine Shrieking on New Live Track "Learning"

We don't often post live recordings, but this is some live-played raucous ass shit worth hearing y'all. The Boleys submitted to us as psych rock, and some of their other tracks fit that bill a bit closer, but what we're hearing on the particular track we're presenting you today is some fine, fucking hard post-hardcore/post-punk noisy freak out guitar music. It's really a banner season right now for hard music in Austin, with acts like Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes, Popper Burns, Super Thief, Sailor Poon and more making it clear that this isn't just an indiefolk, pretty psych city, and it looks like we've got one more very talented trio to add to that ever-growing, ever-distorted roster with The Boleys.

In standout track “Learning” from their recently released live DaveTV.org recordings thick, thudding bass and snappy post-hardcore snare drive a diabolical pace that is matched and even exceeded in ferocity by lead shrieker Ethan Boley's maniacal questioning self-aware (and self-deprecating) nihilistic vocals that remind me of Slint, if Slint went more with a punk structure. Raw, fierce emotion buzzes and thrashes in “Learning” just as the guitars do, and it all comes together for a very fresh and fiery take on the ole noise music thing, and we fucking love it. Oh, and if this trio weren't interesting enough, they're all from one family (thus the name), which is just cool and weird for a hard-ass band like this. You can check out the vicious punk-punch-packer of a track below, and head over to their SoundCloud for more from this session, which features a pretty diverse range of sounds from the band in question.


OTC3 Doesn't Want to Fight, But They Will In New Political Video for "Black Rose"

You’ve probably noticed, but shit is damn weird out there in America these days. In the midst of all the violence, oppression and division comes new Austin hip-hop act OTC3 (Out There Conscious Commercial Concepts) with a deeply striking new music video calling for us all to band together and fight the evils in this modern world. Called “Black Rose,” this video is striking both visually and mentally, pairing a gorgeous high contrast look of all blacks and whites with a high concept message of people of all colors- black, white, brown and everything else there is- joining in solidarity against oppression and injustice. “We don’t want to fight/We will, we will, we will” sings featured artist and soulstress Tree G in the song’s hook, which plays over the rooted, heartfelt reggae bass that is the track’s backbone. It’s just some good come together music with a nice 90s hip-hop style “talking straight to the viewer,” up in the camera approach, plus some nice interpretive dancing and a very fun little funksoul part at the end. It looks like they filmed that part right out in the middle of a downtown street, and much of the rest on the steps of the Texas State Capitol itself, lending an immediacy of place and a further edge to an already powerful video. It’s heady, it’s good soulful shit, and it bodes well for this trio that just came together themselves last year. We look forward to seeing more from OTC3, and we stand with them in their mission of solidarity and change for the good of all people. Check it below.


Paperback Will Put the Angst and Fuzzy, Furious Guitars Back in Your Indie with "Nervous Energy"

Lots of good rock comes out of the whole “suburban youthful malaise” thing, and one of our recent Artist of the Month winners Paperback brings a damn good entry into that subgenre of indie with their hard guitar album Nervous Energy. It’s a bit Weezer in the subjects and guitar, a bit Sparta in the energy and structure, a bit Neutral Milk Hotel in the vocals, a taste of Pixies artiness and a whole lot of good indie rock fun overall. The tracks are often about relationships, but in that post-pomo, beyond cynicism and nihilism space where there’s a mature and thoughtful tiredness that you often get in that 90s/2000s era in indie that Paperback builds on. The songs are about just trying to scrape out a good relationship in a tiring, weird reality, and they do a fine job of it with ballsy-honest looks at romance and the world it tries to live in, an approach that isn’t hurt one bit by this band’s aptitude for vivid imagery and description. The suburban anthem-loving crowd is sure to dig Paperback’s newest output here, as is anyone with a thing for oldschool indie that really does rock. Track “Cat” is a real standout of “Teenage Dirtbag”-esque angsty awesome, so make sure to give that a listen below y’all, and let the fuzzy, screaming guitar and slacker lyricism back into your indie rock.


A Giant Dog and John Valley Release Frantic Glittery Video for "Sex & Drugs"

John Valley is on a roll. The local videographer and producer recently made two stellar videos for Sweet Spirit with “Baby Doll” and “Baby When I Close My Eyes," and John's kept the momentum rolling with his work on another equally captivating video, this time “Sex & Drugs”  just released by A Giant Dog. The video portrays the band as wintery minstrels stuck in a snowglobe at the mercy of a maniacal child who wreaks havoc by violently shaking the globe, a subtle allusion to the song’s lyrical theme of lost youth. Valley seems to relish in creating videos that portray the beautiful, glamorous, and alluring, and he then injects diabolical twists that turn the picturesque quickly awry. The track here is a lot of fun as well, very punchy and self-aware indie with a punkish vibe and a nonstop, frantic drive that is one to really jam out to, and hard. It's an excellent showing from both band and Valley, and it's a perfect example of what a music video really should be. Check it out below.


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