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deli cover

August 2014
Dead Native
"Dead Native

Dead Native's self-titled sophomore album has an overall cosmic feel starting with the cover but building through out in the sound. The band blends echoing elements of psych rock, shoegaze, mototik, and pop. There is also a blues under current, but it is toned down from their 2013 debut, Keep It Strange". The adventure on the new album builds through out the tracks, but the most effective cosmic track has to be "Traveling". The 9 minute epic space journey seems built to put anyone into orbit. It is followed up by the one of the heavier tracks, "Clean Kill", that trudges through muddy fields of throbbing guitars. The album closes with an anthemic flourish with "Respite" with all instruments soaring to a close. This may or may not be a concept album, but it does truly feel like a complete listen that was meant to be played track by track. Dead Native's new album will be released on Sept. 2nd.

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scene blog


Roxy Roca's Zombie Video

There's nothing like a true love revival. Leave it to Roxy Roca and Outlander Productions to turn this classic concept into a zombie music video premise just in time for Halloween. From the coffin to the stage, watch the life creep back into Taye Cannon's bones, and the crowd's, as he shows up for the after party of his own funeral to reunite with his true love. --Written by Charise Sowells


Review - Dead Tree Duo - Scaffold

Every now and then there's a band whose music truly takes you somewhere. Dead Tree Duo is the sort of journey you wish would never end. This duo rocks harder than a lot of 4 piece bands out there and they're doing it acoustically.

In their more intense songs such as "Sisyphus" and "The Hanging of Mary", the vocals are reminiscent of System of a Down and Tool in terms of tone, energy and airtight harmonies. "The Harvest" starts off as a glorious sounding ode to Nick Drake but soon becomes something all their own as it whips around a dark corner and screams, "All things pass!" The words reverberate off the walls that were closing in around you just moments ago... 

Scaffold, is a debut album with depth. Emotions run high from beginning to end, genuinely shaping each and every song's unique and at moments even theatrical environment. In listening to the lyrics, it's clear that AJ Seidner and Mark Ford are men that have read a lot and asked life's big questions. I'm not usually one for repeats but when you reach your destination at the end of this album, you can't help but ride the wave again. --Written by Charise Sowells


Review - Hereticks - Promised Land

On their new EP, The Hereticks deliver a moody little masterpiece. From the first strums of "I Only Pretend" to its reprise three tracks later, I was completely taken with this release. Warm guitars, swirling organs, and shakers populate the opening minutes, as well as enough references to dying stars, gravity, and evolution to firmly place them in terrain The Flaming Lips explored back when they actually rocked. In fact, the vocals even have that same charming quality as Wayne Coyne, anxiously straining for notes that might just be a hair out of reach. And I mean that in the most affectionate way possible.

Where the two bookend songs mine their spacy side, The Hereticks kick out the jams in the middle. In particular, "Promised Land" packs a wallop. It boasts a chorus worthy of The Strokes and a verse so smooth, it wouldn’t surprise me if these guys listened to Hall and Oates on the sly. In "Girl", the question is posed: “I’ve been paroled, now where the fuck’s my trial?” which is followed by a rip-roaringly fun guitar solo, the likes of which I don’t hear much anymore.

With only four songs, the EP feels brief. I think that has to do with how effortlessly it all comes together, the way the tracks bleed from one into the next. It feels assured and effortless, which means it had to be hard as hell to accomplish. I can’t wait to see these guys live. But most of all, I can’t wait until they do a full length. --Written by Josh Denslow


Review - Yum - Take My Blue

You’re out of scotch. You open all your windows and a slight trickle of the afternoon’s rain drips into the spongy grass outside. The perfect stillness of the night makes you wonder if you’ve come untethered from the world, a blip in a timeline that has already forgotten you. This trancelike moment, when others with weaker constitutions have abandoned hope, is precisely when the three members of Yum picked up their instruments and recorded their hushed bossa novas and fragile music box melodies. They did it to save you.

Imagine "The Girl from Ipanema" shipwrecked on an island made of tinfoil where it is perpetually five minutes before sunrise. Samantha Skinner’s breathy voice can at once be a soothing lullaby and a whispered warning. That tension is what makes this album so wonderful. Opener, "In My Room", threatens to burst from its quiet confines, the drums crispy in the mix but played with a gentle touch. When the distortion finally kicks in halfway through, there’s still that sense of unease, as if you don’t know the whole story.

The album standout comes at the end. "Medicine and Tea" is mysterious and atmospheric  like the best qualities of Blonde Redhead, a band that must come up a lot when discussing Yum’s sound. Skinner’s plaintive coos supplant the chorus in favor of a dreamy haze. After eight songs of late night reminiscing and nuanced discord, this is the perfect way to end their flawlessly sequenced album. That’s the magic of Yum, even after Take My Blue has ended, it’s still with you, echoing ever so slightly in your head. You don’t have to spend those late night hours alone. Hear for yourself, in person, at their album release party on Friday, 10/18/13. --Written by Josh Denslow


Vegatron - Single Release Party - Mohawk, 10/18/13, 11pm

Generally, I prefer singing to screaming but as far as screamers go, Vegatron will show you how it's done. As the newest members of Eye in the Sky Collective, this heavy rock band out of Austin is releasing their single, "Shot My Fate", on Thursday at Mohawk during the AFI aftershow. Their album, Awakening, is scheduled for a release date next month. Opting for a no frills recording style, you'll hear an honesty in this album that so many others have left behind. Check out this video for a teaser of what's to come. --Written by Charise Sowells




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