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August 2014
Dead Native
"Dead Native

Dead Native's self-titled sophomore album has an overall cosmic feel starting with the cover but building through out in the sound. The band blends echoing elements of psych rock, shoegaze, mototik, and pop. There is also a blues under current, but it is toned down from their 2013 debut, Keep It Strange". The adventure on the new album builds through out the tracks, but the most effective cosmic track has to be "Traveling". The 9 minute epic space journey seems built to put anyone into orbit. It is followed up by the one of the heavier tracks, "Clean Kill", that trudges through muddy fields of throbbing guitars. The album closes with an anthemic flourish with "Respite" with all instruments soaring to a close. This may or may not be a concept album, but it does truly feel like a complete listen that was meant to be played track by track. Dead Native's new album will be released on Sept. 2nd.

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Bandhaus Plays Whiskey Folk for Whiskey Folk (and more!)

When I first read Bandhaus’ self-described tagline, "We play whiskey folk for whiskey folk," I immediately placed them into some Irish sounding category of music, which is simply not my bag. I was super stoked when what I heard was more of The Replacements and The Ramones than The Pogues. While Bandhaus does offer some sweet sounding folk ballads and lighter vocals on tracks like "Teddy Ruxpin" and "Sometimes I Look Like Jesus", at their core they're a punk rock band that seems to have had more acoustic instruments lying around than they did electric. Don’t be fooled with the whole whiskey thing though, they're really into gin too. --Written by Jodi Lang 


SAVE THE DATE - Deli Austin Magazine's Well-Being For Women Showcase, 1/18/14

It's official! We've just booked Spiderhouse on 1/18/14 for an evening of music featuring some of my favorite female fronted bands here in town, TBA. Partnering with The Deli are local companies such as GENaustin and MEOW Con who will be raising awareness about their female focused cause.

Men, women and everyone in between are welcome to come support these ladies on and off the stage and learn about some of the missions in our very own city that exist to support them. Sponsorships are in the works, bands are being booked. $10.00 at the door will not only get you into the event but you'll also get a meditation CD to promote your own well-being once the night is over.

Another element to the evening is my goal to bring attention to the sex trafficking of underage girls. I read an article about it a while back, reached out to local organizations such as Restore a Voice and Allies Against Slavery, looked into broader initiatives such as Love 146 and have been researching to figure out how I can help make a difference. Then I saw this:

Art is always a powerful way to convey a message, perhaps the most powerful. I'd love to do some sort of performance video piece as part of the evening as well. If you want to be involved with any aspect of this event, please email me at thedeliaustin@gmail.com. See y'all in January! --Written by Charise Sowells


Music Video Sneak Peek - Week 2 by The Gents, Release and Watch Party TMW, 9/12/13 @ The North Door

A little bit country, a little bit rock a roll, and sometimes a little bit Vampire Weekend meets The Band, The Gents cover most of Austin’s most sought after musical genres. With three of four members being songwriters, their recently released EP has a charmingly eclectic sound. Their obvious respect for one another’s musicianship creates beautiful cohesion among the diversity, some sweet vocal harmonies and a super cool blend of musical influences.

Check out this sneak peak at their music video, in which a certain band member may or may not be hopping around uncomfortably on some stilts. Then see them tomorrow at The North Door with Holiday Mountain for their Music Video Release and Watch Party presented by Covert Curiosity. —Written by Jodi Lang 


Interview - Carla Black, Founder of MEOW Con, 10/24-10/26

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Carla Black, the founder of MEOW Con. It went a little something like this...

DELI: What's your background in terms of music?

CARLA: I was a professional, full time musician in the early '80s. Played bass in an all-female band. My mom taught piano (still does) and my dad did publicity for local bands. Before playing in bands, I was the entertainment editor of my college paper so I reviewed music in that capacity. It seems like I have never been very far from it my entire life.

DELI: What is MEOW Con?

CARLA: MEOW Con is a conference for women in music - imagine SXSW as a conference for women that included many issues women face as artists. We talk about trends - like the recent Miley Cyrus and Michelle Shocked dustups - and more practical issues: how do you tour if you are a mom? how do you deal with hostility, put-downs, patronizing behavior - and take control of your career on your own level.

DELI: How did MEOW Con come to be?

CARLA: I founded, edited and published a magazine called ROCKRGRL for 10 years. When it folded in 2005 the archive was acquired by Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe (part of Harvard University) as part of its collection on American Women's History. Since then I have been researching a way to bring back the feel of the magazine in a different way. So when I moved to Austin at the end of 2010, MEOW was born (it stands for Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women).

DELI: Who is MEOW Con for?

CARLA: I want to reach women who are starting out in music before they see that sexism exists and support the women who have already been through it. It is a place to tell our stories and work together across all musical genres to make sure that women have a chance to do whatever they want. I recently met a young college student whose dream is to be a classical composer. But when she entered a classroom of 30 students and found she was the only female she changed her mind. When women's perspectives are not included in the conversation, it's bad for culture in general. We need to make sure that everyone has a chance to be as creative as they want to be - on their own terms.

DELI: What is the best part of MEOW Con?

CARLA: The upcoming conference - Oct 24-26. We will be honoring Suzi Quatro - the queen of rock. Suzi is originally from Detroit, has sold 55 MILLION records and in the US is probably best known as Leather Tuscadero on the hit TV show "Happy Days," which brought us Henry Winkler and Ron Howard. Suzi has been living in England since the '70s and people don't realize what a major influence she was on people like Kathy Valentine formerly of The Go-Gos (one of our keynote speakers!) and Joan Jett. If you like those artists, you will be blown away by Suzi - who is still a powerhouse.

DELI: Why should someone go to MEOW Con?

CARLA: All are invited to attend, but anyone who cares about women in music getting a fair shake should definitely attend. If you are a musician, care about a musician or ever wondered what it was like, this is a great place to go. Our panels are not just about how to make it in the music business, but an examination of why we still see so few successful all-female bands, why white male rappers are fully accepted but Miley Cyrus is "appropriating black culture" for twerking in that awkward Video Music Awards performance, etc. We will talk about areas where women are doing well, and where there are few. We'll also strategize ways to make sure women like my friend who dropped out of the classical composition program find support and stay in the game.

DELI: Any exciting sponsors and partners lined up for this years MEOW Con?

CARLA: As a first year event the stakes are very high and we would appreciate any and all support. But some of the people coming are: Jennifer Batten (played guitar with Michael Jackson), Kathy Valentine (formerly of the Go-Gos), Patricia Kennealy-Morrison (one of the first female music journalists) and nearly 100 bands from as far away as Brazil and Singapore!

DELI: Anything else you want us to know?

CARLA: Tickets are available at www.meowcon.eventbrite.com. The official site schedule can be found here. Suzi Quatro's dinner, which will also be honoring Margaret Moser of the Austin Chronicle, is $125 per person. Suzi will be performing 5 songs at the event with a full band, including her sister Patti, and a horn section. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of this historic moment!

-- Interview by Charise Sowells


Review - Wave by La Vega

Summer is mostly gone, but the season never ends in the impossibly optimistic, ne'er-say-die "surf rock" that can be found on our scorched and shore-less environs. And you can't find a better example of said genre than Wave, the brand-new, tanning-oil-shiny release from La Vega, the off-shoot for Wild Child's Evan Magers and Manateam's Daniel Vega. But tighten up that drawstring and lock your toes into your flip flops before proceeding; despite the "side project" roots, this is one wipe-out-inducing bomb.

Spot-on, sand-encrusted production grunge on brilliant poppish, fire-side-possible numbers; pulled along with 60-ish reverb, beachy choruses, acoustic strumming, and pushed down drum kits. Check out the surf with "Do The Surfer Girl Limbo!", "Love Ya Self", and "Where You Normally Go". Watch them channel "Wipe Out" with "Shade", Nick Lowe with "Slow Down", and The Everly Brothers with "Exit Tax" and "Jackie". Then go all Alt Rock with "Key West" and "Minor Nightmares". 

Classify this as one set of far out gnarly numbers, Walter Styled and clean. Magers and Vega have been going off on this collection, and releasing such a sick nug is enough to turn this tubular side project into an epic headliner. --Written by Scott Osborn 




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