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Sleep Good Will Make You Sleep Well

Yes, that was a grammar-correction joke in the title. I think it's funny (it's not, but an editor only gets so many chances to make word jokes). Now, to the music.

Sleep Good is a mostly instrumental act out of the excellent local Pau Wau Records that makes music true to its name. I say "mostly" instrumental because there is a bit of "ooh"-ing, some fuzzed-up vocal sampling and a track or so of singing in here, but mostly what this music does is to create an atmosphere of deliciously blurry-eyed lay-down music. That makes it pretty damn lovely that Sleep Good has just given us the entirety of new album "Dream Dealer" on Soundcloud (yes, it says it's older, but trust me, it's just Soundcloud being a tit). What we've got here is 11 tracks that are aren't just good to sleep to (see what I did there), they're outright made to nod off to, preferably while on a hammock in the sun. Or maybe you might put it on while seducing a mermaid. Driftmusic is a good name for it. Get yourself comfy, crack a window for some breeze, and get them eyes shut while you listen to track "Godlike" with its Boards of Canada-with-a-band beachy aesthetics. I did, and damn; I can't wait for summer. It's a quite damn lovely sound indeed, as is the rest of the album, so make sure to head to this link for the other 10 tracks.


Skyline wins The Deli's Readers' Poll tied to the Best of Austin 2014 Poll for Emerging Artists

Deli Readers,

The Deli Austin's Best of 2014 Readers and Fans' Poll for local emerging artists is over, thanks to all those who cast their vote in support of the emerging local bands and artists in our list of nominees. 

We happily announce our top three local emerging artists, super young blues rockers Skyline, textured and mellow indie rocker Comforter and talented singer songwriter Leah Nobel. Whoo-Hoo!! This was an incredible experience! We thank you for all your Deli support!

1. Skyline

2. Comforter

3. Leah Nobel


Here's this poll's top 10 chart, full results can be found here

Leah Nobel
Grace London
The Stargazers
Popper Burns

Stay tuned for the composite chart, to be released soon, which will include details about the point nominees accumulated from the jurors and Deli writers' votes, and will crown The Deli's Best Emerging Austin Artist of 2014.

The Deli's Staff


Empire Machines

Empire Machines is Austin indie that came in fourth in our 2012 Best of Austin reader's poll, and it looks like they're preparing to put a new EP into the world early this year. To get the word out, they've released a fresh-out-of-the-oven single, "The Plan," which has a distinct British-rock sound that we quite dig.

In fact, "The Plan" almost sounds like The Beatles doing Bloc Party, coming in on a big toms beat and then dropping some foggy-night appropriate rhythm guitar as (what I assume is) lead singer Matt Blackwell does his best to convince me that John Lennon had another son who got his voice. It's pure indie rock that actually does focus on the rock part, with distorted guitars featuring prominently, and it's a sign that this band that released their last EP back in 2011 has matured their sound nicely in the in-between years. Look for Empire Machines to put out the full EP soon, and in the meantime, get at a quality Austin indie track (that makes for quite good driving music, if I do say so) with the player below.


Francine Thirteen's Future Soul

Sometimes finding the right track to post takes a good amount of digging. Sometimes, though, you hit play on a track and you know in about five seconds that you've got something good. That's what happened to me last night with Francine Thirteen, an artist we found through the submissions e-mailed to us through our form (use that form y'all!).

If you wanna hear somethin' deep and good, somethin' with soul coming straight out of the future, hit that play button down there yourself. Because "Queen Mary" is a hell of an opening salvo from a new artist that has shot to the top of my personal "to watch" list. It's a track whose pitch-perfect siren vocals will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, and whose slow, sliding clap-based beat contrasts with an incessant ticking sound (that may or may not be snares) and the smooth soul of Francine Thirteen's voice to create a perfect balance of tension. It's the buttered coffee of tracks: it gets in your system all soft and warm, and sets you buzzing for hours after imbibing. The few other tracks on Francine Thirteen's Soundcloud show her to be a bit of an experimental artist and a powerful personality, but while that stuff is interesting and shows much promise, that promise is brought to fruition by the more traditional (admittedly not all that traditional, in this case) restrictions of this song. I want a whole album of "Queen Mary"-level tracks, and according to the word on the street, we'll get one soon. Can't wait to hear what this talented lady does next with her sound.


Magic Nanna and Spanking with Glitter (and Beats)

Magic Nanna sounds like a character out of The Mighty Boosh, but is in fact an Austin beat music project by musician Joshua Shafer. This is some of the more playful beat stuff coming out of ATX right now, and it seems like Magic Nanna is more 'bout the bright sounds and funky electronic fun than many of his darker and more moody contemporaries in the scene. I get visions of technofairies dancing about in an LED-strewn forest when I hear Magic Nanna tracks like the excessively well-named "glitter spank" below. Given that one of Shafer's other projects is called Wizrds Only and the Magic Nanna Facebook calls his music "electronic voodoooooo," I also get the feeling that the man wouldn't find my enchantment-tinged description too surprising to hear. That being said, the playful electronic whines and bloops and samples in these tracks are fully rooted in hip-hop production, especially in the drums, of which Magic Nanna has an exceedingly diverse pallette he plays with. Joshua is a figure associated with many of the other major beat-scene players in Austin, like Exploded Drawing and Sole Glow Collective, and you can find not only the track below, but also a pretty impressively lengthy database of other Magic Nanna tracks and links to Joshua's other projects (and that of his talented friends) at his Soundcloud, where he posts often.


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