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Flatliner Drown You In Glitch and Purple in Retro-Future Video for "Blasted Highway"

Out of one of Austin’s best labels, the heavy and heady Holodeck Recs, comes a badass new music video from Flatliner for their 80s by way of the future track “Blasted Highway.” This is retrofuture shit done hard and right and right hard, a bit like a darker Mylo, a bit Vitalic (which is, I suppose, like a better, darker French Mylo anyways).

Flatliner reference the unabashed futurelove of the 70s and 80s scifi thing with the look of this video, such as having lots of purples and pinks and weird abstract close-up faceshots, but totally embrace it without a sense of irony, because honestly the way that era did scifi and future shit was just fucking cool. That sentiment really extends to the whole song and the group itself, who make this bloopy hardcore electronic synthy shit that’s all 80s done from a modern sensibility and whose tracks basically ask you to get into it or get gone.

We’re into it at The Deli, always are when this kind of fearsome, ballsy future shit is done right, especially when it nails going retro (hard to do). There was something truly perfect about that 80s scifi aesthetic, with its purples on blacks, its straight-lined cars, its heroes with sunglasses and big hair and wife beaters under open shirts, and in turn, there’s something pretty perfect about what Flatliner have done here. Pressing play is akin to throwing your head back and gargling a torrential downpour of lazer beams, but like, through your eyes and ears, and if that sounds to you like as good a way to spend five minutes as it does to us, you need this in your headspace and quick. Get on it below.


Wildcat Apollo at Hole in the Wall December 15, Plus a Shimmering New Track with Layers to Spare

For those of y’all lookin’ to squeeze just a little more live music out of yer homebase before fuckin’ off to someplace dismal for the holidays, Austin psychpop outfit Wildcat Apollo is playing an end of the year show at Hole in the Wall on December 15 with Whiteman Dancing, The Wheel Workers and The Sunshine Feels. As a nice lil prep for that, here’s the first track released by the group online in some time, which is some good genre colliding stuff. There’s something a little Pixies and a little MGMT about Wildcat Apollo’s new track “Kaleidoscopic.” Layered, floating vocals and shimmering guitars sit on a bed of crunchy, tight electronic-style beats, taking as much from the world of recent indie electropop as from classic psychedelic music, but with the result being a song that feels more like a Pixies “Wave of Mutilation”-esque track (complete with big, twanging bass and lyrics about going “into the ocean”) in a way that takes that spirit and does its own, more modern thing with it. It’s pretty and full of little moments of balance that bely a lot of talent here, so get a listen on, and check out the show if you need yer Austin fix one last time before the Yuletide drowns us all.


The Right Way to Listen to The Succulents' New Tracks is with a Full Moon Blazin'

Get into The Succulents, a sparkling new band that looks like might get some traction in Austin with two new tunes of lovely lady-created, soulful Southern indie music. This trio of ladies have laid down two smoky, bluesy indie tunes, dropped 'em online for ya as a teaser taste for their upcoming album Stories from the Moon, and we’ve got each here today. There’s a nice bit of flavor coming off of these, a flavor that’s a bit dark and certainly adventurous with some real Western tones (the horns are an especially good bit of added flair), and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this group quickly rocket to the top of bills around the city if the rest of the album and their live show are as well put together as these two tracks. The fact that (full disclosure!) one of these fine, talented women was once an intern at this very site is somethin’ we are more’n a little proud of. Take yourself to a porch outside somewhere when the moon is lit up fine, and settle back with these two tracks below playing to get familiar with The Succulents, and keep an ear to the ground for their upcoming full-length. 

ManOfTheDown Humps Against Pretension in Video for "#FUCKAGENRE"

It ain't no secret that artists can pretty easily slip into being, to put it about as blunt as it needs to be, shitass pretentious as fuck. If you've been in Austin more than five minutes, you know this. ManOfTheDown, a member of Austin's excellent electronic beatmaking brigade, knows this, and his new music video for the irreverently named track "#FUCKAGENRE" takes a goofy, lighthearted swing at overblown, self-hyped artistic bullshit. It's goofy as fuck and low budget (in fact, I saw MOTD posting looking for extras for it probably three days before it came out) on purpose, basically just a motley crew of folk humping and thrusting awkwardly but committedly in a pretty Texas hill country setting, and it's damn fun. I especially dig the be-suited thrusting duet between the ManOfTheDown himself, Eli Good, and his fellow beatmaker Chris Medders (Feedback Alliance/Sole Glow Collective/Eversive/More). The addition of the monologue on pretention from a performance of John Logan's play "Red" (about pomo painter of big ole blocks of color Mark Rothko) is a nice touch, as is the expectedly on-point, badass production on the track itself. Ditch yer airs and thrust your way to glory with "#FUCKAGENRE" below, and if you dig the sound, find more MOTD here.


"Black Friday" Is Ghormeh Sabzi Fucking Your Idea of Holiday Music In the Skull

Posting holiday-themed music really isn't something we expect to do often here at The Deli, but we'll be fucked if we're not about to put up the second seasonal track in a week. This time we've got a weird-ass indie rock track about that very most truly American of holidays, Ghormeh Sabzi's new single "Black Friday." The irreverent, hard track is a big mixed-up sound collage that's got everything from big pounding guitars to snarling, to vocals a bit like a more-punk more-angry Billy Corgan, to a dystopic newscaster-style sample about the fucked up day in question to (what ends up being the weirdest element) a fierce-playing gypsy element to the song complete with violins and tinny acoustic string instruments. Hell, if I was trying to pick out any element that really sounded like any other group, I'd say the vocal delivery and complexity are somewhat reminiscent of Destroyer, but that really won't tell you what this group or this strange, good track is like.

Ghormeh Sabzi is that off on its own path with this one, dicking around in the Woods of Musical Weirdness having a goddamn good time getting fucked up with its weird self. There's a bridge in the middle that does little more than nod at the concept of being a traditional, pretty pop bridge and is instead just more weird fun, and that musical shaking of the dick at rules is a good encapsulation of what this most un-corny of holiday songs is about. For those who think holiday music is only ever hateful schtick, "Black Friday" is a track that might just shake up that stereotype for you nice and hard. Get on it here below.


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