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The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

Read it digitally here.

P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!

Culture Wars Unleashes Arsenal of Appeal with Self-Titled Debut EP

Culture Wars is coming out of the gate blazing with their debut self-titled EP. Recorded at Sonic Ranch in West Texas, the debut features Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails, Artic Monkeys, The Killers) as a featured producer and, the quality control has paid off with their first single "Money (Gimmie, Gimmie)," a track that is as swagger-filled as it is addictive. The leather clad trio are unafraid of incorporating electro elements as the tip of their spear and then fortifying the sound with pounding guitars and soaring vocals. Exhilarating and sonically eruptive, Culture Wars is looking conquer ground in rapid succession and, that begins with a show with the Lagoons on March 1st at Stubbs. https://stubbsindoor.frontgatetickets.com/event/0gzgcat66ywk6q7s

Carry Illinois Show's Strength On "Shameful Feeling"

Pain has different effects on people and for the indie pop quintet, Carry Illinois, they channeled their pain into beautiful music that is as moving as it is accessible. Having lost their original bassist, John Winsor, to suicide in March 2016, the band has managed to persevere on by writing new songs as part of their coping and mourning. The song "Shameful Feeling" off of their recently released EP 'Garage Sale', is a heart-wrenching anthem to waiting for the moral arch to bend towards justice. Lizzy Lehman's emotive warble and incisive lyrics, show that beauty can spring from some of the ugliest places.

SOBBRS Introduces Mexican Electro-Pop That Won't Stay Out of Your Head

SOBBRS brings R&B croons and electronic soundscapes into the neon world of Jesus A. Acosta, a Mexican singer-songwriter who is unapologetic in his ambition to create massive beats and melodies that manipulate moods. Acosta, who is a regular feature within the Raw Paw artist collective, hooked up with electronic producer, Tropen, to debut a five-track project named Hi-Chroma, which will be out in early 2018. SOBBRS brings acts like Honne and Banks to mind as his pensive and luminescent synths coalesce with emotive vocals for a sleek and sexy sound. Keep an eye on SOBBRS as the hard-working songwriter begins to gather momentum in Austin.


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