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Indie Rock

The Undercover Dream Lovers play Brooklyn Bazaar 03.01 to release 2nd EP

After a busy and positive 2017, Matt Koenig's kept things moving in the first months of 2018 as he prepares for The Undercover Dream Lovers' sophomore EP release. Koenig's solo project -- which also features Galen Gatzke and Sarah Galdes on the live end -- will play Brooklyn Bazaar on March 1st to support In Real Time, a collection of six new songs featuring Koenig's masterful electropop hooks and funky beats. Fans of Tame Impala and Portugal. The Man will dig the new tracks as well as the old. Joining The Undercover Dream Lovers are Future Generations and Wilder Maker. Tickets are on sale now for the March 1st show; for now, stream the newest release from In Real Time, called "Stop & Listen". - Will Sisskind

Dizzy - "Stars and Moons" Single

Straight outta Oshawa, Dizzy will be representing the GTA at SXSW in a couple months. They recently released a new tune “Stars and Moons”. It’s a very relaxed, synth based tune. Deep bass mixed with the soft female vocals carry the tune for the most part. The guitar lays in the weeds until a nice solo jumps in for the climax of the song. I hear some Coldplay influences in there. It seems as though Dizzy has made some quick work through the scene and are on their way to something big. Good luck to them in Austin! See the in Hamilton on February 9th at Twelveighty Bar & Grill along with The Kents, Post Romance and Emma Vandyk. – Kris Gies


New Track: "Staying In" - Cold Fronts

Philly's Cold Fronts has been building moment again as the band gets ready to release its sophomore album, Fantasy du Jour, on the beloved stoner holiday 4/20. Below is the group's latest nugget of slackerdom, called "Staying In," which recently premiered over at Noisey. Frontman Craig Almquist shared a bit of insight about Cold Fronts' new single. "I felt so refreshed when I wrote this song because it was so simple and it had nothing to do with being sad or being in love or feeling like the world is gonna end. It was just nice to sing about something else for a change. It’s one of our more knucklehead songs." You can find Almquist and the gang at Boot & Saddle tomorrow night, where they will be opening for Chicago's Post Animal and local pals Suburban Living.

The Rizzos host garage rock Senior Prom at Gutter Bar 02.09

The story goes that The Rizzos' Megan Mancini skipped senior prom and got drunk with her mom instead, at least that’s how it’s told on “Prom Mom,” the lead single from the band’s 2017 EP “No Parents, No Rules 2: Beneath the Planet of No Rules.” While the exact storyline may or may not be true, it speaks to a nostalgia for the teenage years, or at least a nostalgia for escaping the pains of teenage years. This year, The Rizzos host their own Senior Prom, leaning heavy on all things glam and garage rock with sets by Plaid Dracula, The Royal They, and Ghost Funk Orchestra. The show takes place February 9th at Gutter Bar. – Cameron Carr


Premiere: Deli’s Artist of the Month Modern Painters share new video for “Whaler”

The results are in: Jamaica Plain indie rockers Modern Painters have won the Deli Magazine Artist of the Month poll for January 2018! The Painters gained the the Deli’s attention after releasing their lush eponymous debut album in December 2017, warranting a write up and a subsequent nomination for Artist of the Month. From our December write up: “In the case of Jamaica Plains’ folk-indie group Modern Painters, the confidence, sincerity, and precision in their self-titled debut is not unlike a veteran band with several good albums under their belt.”

To celebrate their victory, Modern Painters and Deli Magazine have decided to exclusively premiere their newest music video for “Whaler”, a breezy, jazz guitar laden track from their debut album. “Whaler” falls into the unique category of loungey, New England-intellectual indie music, recalling songs like Jonathan Richman’s “That Summer Feeling”, and Galaxie 500’s “Blue Thunder”.

The summer-y “Whaler” video couldn’t come at a better time, as New Englanders spend the mid-winter lull dreaming of lake-days under the hot summer sun. The video features singers Gabe Goodman and Nike Brannstrom half-dancing and crooning on Goodman’s 13’ 1969 Boston Whaler in his hometown of Scituate in the South Shore. Clad in a black dress and a casual black and white suit, Brannstrom and Goodman emote the delicious warm haze of lazy summer days, capturing the freedom and youthful vigor of harbor towns and mid day boat rides.

Be sure to catch Modern Painters at the Midway Cafe on March 20th. Enjoy the video for “Whaler” below. -Charley Ruddell



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