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Indie Rock

The Foons "Mind Me"

The Foons recently released the second single, "Mind Me", from their forthcoming project called "Breakfast?". This is the Synth heavy rock of Erik Rothlind, Ross Donewald, and brothers Taed, Sam, and Will Cejtin.

You can catch The Foons performing live on April 9th at Lincoln Yards (1684 N. Throop).


Mobley Releases New EP “Young and Dying in the Occident Supreme”

Right from the title, Mobley's new release is a mouthful. “Young and Dying in the Occident Supreme” has a great deal to say about America, capitalism, religion and sundry Big Ideas™.


It doesn't always hit. Mobley apparently recorded “Occident Supreme” sojourning in Thailand. You can kinda tell. Several tracks have an ineffable parochial “college freshman comes to Thanksgiving after a year abroad and has Ideas” dullness. The top track in particular sounds like a barely produced spoken-word take on your least favorite TA's favorite Medium article. The politics of “You Are Not The Hero Of This Story” are true and righteous altogether. It just doesn't slap.


Thankfully, it's a rare misstep. Start at track two, the danceable but lethal “James Crow,” and this release stops being homework. From “Crow” onward, Mobley's music lives up to its lyrical pieties. The hooks are tight, the grooves are luscious and playful, soulful vocals sweeten even the most earnest lyrical excesses. If anything, a track or two errs on the side of hooky pop and romantic angst rather than depth.


So yeah, “Young and Dying in the Occident Supreme” is a bit all over the place. But, and this is everything, it's not boring. “James Crow” is a standout, in contention for top tracks so far this year. Even “You Are Not The Hero Of This Story,” the album's one inarguable miss, swings for the fences. Mobley's EP is a catchy, urgent and utterly timely attempt at agit-pop, something lacking from the otherwise utterly politicized American conversation of 2021. If Mobley's music is more earnest than its cultural moment, that can only be to its credit. It's music that gives a damn.


- Matt Salter


“Young and Dying in the Occident Supreme” dropped on February 19, by way of Last Gang Records.


Lifeguard "Receiver"

Lifeguard has released a new single via Chunklet Industries called "Receiver" which finds the trio exploring a more forceful, explosive sound. The single is accompanied by a new b-side called "Sun Ra Jane" and both tracks leave us wanting more from Isaac Lowenstein, Kai Slater, and Asher Case.

Lifeguard will be performing live, outdoors, at Fitzgerald's on April 10th at 1pm.


Neptune's Core "Turning Red"

Neptune's Core has released the first single, "Turning Red", from their forthcoming album which is due out this summer.

This is the work of two sets of sisters, Sofia Richter, Jacqueline Cywinski, Hannah Richter, and Kaitlin Cywinski, and this is the first new music from the youthful group since the release of their debut album, Can't Have It All, back in August of 2020.


Course "Give It All Away"

Course has released the first single, "Give It All Away", from their forthcoming debut album, A Late Hour, which is due out May 21st.

The is the dream pop group fronted by the Jess Robins, and also featuring Chris Dye (drums), Dan Ingenthron (synth/keys), Mikey Russell (guitar), and Brian Weekly (bass).


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