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Indie Rock

Pan Arcadia video premiere of "Drag It Out"

Based on the music video below--presented here for the very first time anywhere, a DELI exclusive premiered in collaboration with our new DELI TV affiliate--the young men of Pan Arcadia give off a strong Meet Me In The Bathroom vibe. And bigger picture, this music video brings to mind New York City’s long and storied history of black-jacketed miscreants and misanthropes who are all still too lovable not to love like Lou Reed or the Ramones or the Strokes for example. So maybe it’s no coincidence that all the aforementioned artists also liked to hang out on NYC rooftops, especially with some beer and a pack of smokes handy.


And not only did they hang out on rooftops in their formative years but there's a less noted but equally important shared trait between Lou Reed, the Ramones, the Strokes, et al. in that they were all also (or still are) great pop songwriters, at least when they wanted to be, with a proven track record for creating just the right mix of earworm melodies and lyrical phrases backed by musical textures and rhythms and bottom end (bass is the place) to produce an undeniable physical and mental frission in the listener even when, or especially when, joined with abrasive sounds and attitude.

So not to put too much pressure on the gentlemen of Pan Arcadia, but they seem to have a knack for joining these elements together in an appealing way too. Take the song "Drag It Out" for example, taken from their debut EP Weeks Ago that's available on all and I mean all platforms, which does anything but drag itself out. In fact after the reverse fade-in it leaps straight into the main guitar hook (warning: this melody will get stuck in your head after a couple listens) played first with stripped down rhythm section backing and then with full on rawk energy before quickly bringing things down again along with some self-reflective lyrics and phased guitar chords in the background. But then things start ramping up again with some palm-muted guitar arpeggios moving into the pre-chorus where it's declared "we can drink until the dawn" and I'm grateful for that and then launching into a full-throated chorus featuring the title phrase with backed by a Greek chorus from the other band members which then transitions into a brief guitar solo featuring a tasty opening lick and then back to another iteration of the whole enchilada and then the big ending which ends on an unexpected major chord. And all this in just over three minutes. Welcome to Songwriting 101.

"Drag It Out" is also a good example of the classic songwriting trick of combining downbeat sentiments with unbeat music and as revealed to the Deli by one of the band members from an undisclosed location (possibly the location pictured above, the rumored hideaway and work space of Pan Arcadia): "The song’s about wanting to extend something past its time: a night, relationship, human existence etc and dragging it out for drags sake--a feeling that was all around us last year stuck in a box with the world going to shite" and I couldn't have said it better myself. Here's another song off the EP.

In conclusion I recommend you keep an eye on these boys because they may be up to something. Like they were about a month ago when Pan Arcadia partnered with the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to present two days of streaming live music featuring several dozen artists all to raise money and help Save the Scene. So, you see, underneath the black leather and the nice hair and the rooftop partying you just know these guys are cool like Fonzie in every sense and that they know how to write a song. (Jason Lee)

Monobody "Harvester"

Monobody has released the first two single, "Harvester" and "Atala", from their forthcoming album, Comma, which is due out on April 23rd via Sooper Records.

This is the unique blend of Jazz and Math Rock from Al Costis (Bass and Synths), Collin Clauson (Keyboards), Conor Mackey (Guitar and Synths), Nnamdi Ogbonnaya (Drums), and Steve Marek (Bass).


Floatie "Castleman"

Floatie has released the third and final single, "Castleman", from their debut album, Voyage Out, which is due out this Friday, March 26th, via Exploding in Sound.

This is the hazy math rock of Sam Bern (they/them), Luc Schutz (he/him), Joe Olson (he/him), and Will Wisniewski (he/him).


Astrachan "Shorebirds"

Astrachan has released a third single, "Shorebirds", from his forthcoming self-titled debut album which is due to be released on May 7th.

This is the Psych Folk sounds of one half of Berta Bigtoe, Ben Astrachan, and he recently had this to say about his debut; "The creation and experimentation of this album resulted in a meditation of love, adventure, and friendship! Each song takes on the story of a moment that latched onto my heart with the tenderest of holds. The songs themselves are how I was able to make visible the sense-experience of each flicker in space that I traversed."

Photo Credit: Larissa Krysiek


Paper Mice "The Cynic Route"

Paper Mice have released the first single, "The Cynic Route", from their forthcoming LP, 1-800-mondays, which is due out May 7th via Three One G Records.

The single is accompanied by a NNAMDÏ directed below which is depicts a day that just keeps getting worse and worse.

This is the Post Punk of Dave Reminick (guitar, vocals, piano), Taylor Hales (bass, backing vocals), and John Carroll-drums (backing vocals, wind chimes).


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