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Deli Best of NYC 2013 - Open Submission Results for REVIVAL ROCK

We can finally begin to publish the results of the open submissions for our Best of NYC 2013 Poll for Emerging Artists, starting with the Revival Rock category! FYI, all our local branches are running a Year End Poll right now, so check them out in the next 3-4 weeks (only Austin has released some results so far).

Since in NYC we always get hundreds of submissions for this yearly poll, we organize these results by genre. It's the first year that we feature a Revival Rock category (it used to be bundled together with Alt Rock), which includes mostly Garage, Punk and Classic Rock bands.

As always, more than 2 bands deserved to go through to the poll's next phase, but unfortunately we have to put a limit to the band that qualify (we already have too many!). Here we go then: 

Total submissions in this category: 13

Artists Qualified to the next stage (Readers' Poll, starting around 01.15):

1. Whiskey Bitches - 8.33
2. Wyldlife - 7.83

Honorable Mentions (scores above 6.5):

SharkmuffinSylvana Joyce & The MomentSwanky TigerWIFEYCrazy Pills.

Jurors: Charise Sowells (Deli Austin), Terra James-Jura (Deli Nashville), Paolo De Gregorio (Deli NYC)

Stay tuned for more results, and then for the final poll - this is just the beginning of a month long process!

The Deli's Staff

Sharkmuffin celebrates release of "1097" EP at Shea Stadium tonight (12.11)

Hopefully one day will come when we won't act surprised when we find an all-female band that truly rocks. We apologize profusely for that instinct just in case, and proceed to introduce you to Sharkmuffin, a Brooklyn female trio that plays garage-rock propelleded by some seriously high octane sonic fuel. The band will be celebrating the release of new EP "1097" at Shea Stadium tonight (12.11), a show that will in all likelyhood generate a lot of mosh-generated heat, which can't be bad considering these days' temperatures. Check out "Foul Play" below, and 'meet' the ladies in the band's recent video for "Mermaid Sex Slave" here.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Alt Rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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