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Fort Lean and Sacco play Baby's All Right on 02.13

Once known for their psych pop sound characterized by heavy drum patterns, single stroked chiming guitar chords and distant synthesizers, Brooklyn band Fort Lean (pictured) released new tracks that show a decidedly different side. “Do You Remember” places emphasis on lead vocals built on top of a rhythm that draws from 50’s do-wop. “The Mall” may still keep guitars out front, however its sing along pop anthem style reigns in previous psych leanings. “Envious” is built around a hand-clap percussion pattern and soaring harmonies that seems to draw inspiration from late 60’s/early 70’s hit radio. “All The Lights” employs dramatic stops and starts, ultimately moving from a slow ballad intro to a quicker paced arrangement.

Sacco is a brand new Brooklyn band that merges ambient atmospherics, relaxed drumming and diverse textural guitar flourishes with an appealing vocal style on their current dark psych track “Driving.” See both bands live when they play Baby's All Right on 02.13 with Brooklyn band Tropic of Pisces. - Dave Cromwell


Tropic of Pisces releases debut EP, plays Baby's All Right on 02.13

It seems appropriate for a glockenspiel player to have a project with heavy tropical influences, although the origins of the instrument - as betrayed by its name - are from what is arguably one of the least tropical places: Germany. Tropic of Pisces is the new project from the guitarist/glockenspieler of Oberhofer, Mathew Scheiner. In his band's lighthearted melodies you'll find an affinity with Vampire Weekend, although Mathew's melodies have a jazzier feel to them. Charming single "Symmetry" (streaming), from the omonymous EP out on 02.25, is a playful carribean-pop ditty with a synchopated chorus that might make you feel tipsy. See them live when they play Baby's All Right on 02.13 with other northworthy Brooklyn bands Fort Lean and Sacco.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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