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Honey releases sophomore LP, plays Alphaville on 10/13

With the recent release of their sophomore album “New Moody Judy,” Brooklyn post punk rockers Honey deliver an aggressive collection of fuzz and wah-wah guitar-fueled songs.  Opener “Wage Agreement” is propelled by a furious power trio wall of sound featuring an ominously tense bending guitar part and half pleading/half shouting vocals, reminiscent of early Richard Hell.  Follow-up “Dream Come Now” amps up the groove to punk rock levels with a nod to the Ramones.  The album’s title track leans on a heavy psych guitar riff and Iggy Pop Detroit city drawl.  Deeper cuts like “Hungry,” “Bagman” and “Power” go for the high-speed velocity of an accelerated hyper-blues.  Album closer “Peggy Ray” rides fuzzy bass, slashing guitars and smack-down drumming for nearly eight full minutes.  The album is available on Wharf Cat Records and will be released with a party on Friday 10/13 at Alphaville. - Dave Cromwell


We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best punk/garage/diy songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Night Birds to bring their dirty surf punk to St. Vitus 4/6

For old-school punk purists, Night Birds might just be the dirty, crunchy, return-to-form punk rock you've been craving. Taking cues from punk/hardcore favorites of the '80s, Night Birds put their own delicious surf spin on their tunes, delivering compact, high-energy hits that feel inspired rather than regurgitated. And with names like "Born to Die in Suburbia" and "Mutiny at Muscle Beach" how can you possibly resist a listen? Check out Night Birds streaming below and catch them live at St. Vitus on 4/06 alongside the Marked Men and Honey- Olivia Sisinni

Honey bring their manic psych-garage to St. Vitus on 7.21

Names can be misleading. Psych-punk trio Honey isn't exactly sweet and smooth as you may expect, quite the opposite. The band, made up of members of Psychic Ills and Amen Dunes, plays a loud, tense and distorted brand of psychedelic garage that seem to teeter on the brink of a nervous breakdown. The track “Monk” (streaming below) off their debut LP Love is Hard lives up to the album’s name as it examines the devotion it takes to keep a relationship alive by comparing it to the vow of commitment and self-discipline that a monk would take. “Everything I do/ I do it for you/ Because I’m a monk!,” sings guitarist Dan Wise in the chorus, before melting into a swirling psychedelic finale. Honey will be playing St. Vitus on July 21st in support of Radioactivity. - John Honan  


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