Interview with Paul Cherry

We talk gear and Pitchfork Music Fest with Paul Cherry

By: Jason Behrends

July 09, 2018

"Super super sick, never could have imagined I'd ever play pitchfork in my life"

Paul Cherry released his debut full-length album, Flavour, back in March and has been touring in support ever since. He recently took some time out of his tour schedule, at a stop in Kansas City, to answer a few of our questions.

The Deli (TD): I love the sound and feel of your latest album, Flavour. I’ve heard you describe the journey from your debut EP “On Top” to you this album as becoming more genuinely yourself. Are there any events, people, records and/or feelings inspired this new aesthetic and album?
Paul Cherry (PC): Thank you! this Flavour record was inspired by so many different records and genres, Hall & Oates, Cocteau Twins, The Carpenters, Todd Rundgren, I really wanted those kind of sounds to come thru on the album and I think they did!

TD: Did the recording of the album bring the discovery of new, now favorite gear? Or some new lessons about the recording process?
PC: I learned that you can make a good album with extremely cheap gear if you figure out all the little secret of setting and purpose. I am not really a gear head so all my sounds come from low-end model instruments and SM57s, just having great players really makes the world of difference.

TD: In watching your recent Daytrotter performance I noticed you have an array of equipment at your feet while you perform, what do you have on your pedalboard right now and how do you use it?
PC: I use a big ol' Digitech stompbox thing from the 90's I was given by my good buddy Chris Kramer! It's become my favorite pedal and the cool trick to give my guitar that bendy quality on tracks like Your Letter and Minute from the record. Otherwise, I just have a pretty basic wah pedal, boost, chorus and compressor on my board, the digitech stompbox has all my delays and reverbs in there.

TD: You are kicking off Day 2 of Pitchfork Music Festival on July 21st. What are your thoughts on being a part of one of the city’s largest and most diverse summer music festivals?
PC: Super super sick, never could have imagined I'd ever play pitchfork in my life, when I found out I was playing I was so surprised. I was in LA on vacation and I got the email asking if I wanted to play, and I fell off the couch I was sleeping on. I've gone to Pitchfork almost every year of the 8 years I've lived in Chicago, so to be a part of that festival this year makes me feel like I get to represent my scene to my city, and I want to do a really great job of it! It's humbling being able to play your favorite music fest in your favorite city.

TD: Do you have anything special planned for Pitchfork that you can share with our readers?
PC: well, as I write this email I'm in Kansas City recording new songs and I'm hoping to bring one or two new ones to the stage for y'all :)

TD: I know you are still touring in support of Flavour, but what is next for Paul Cherry?
PC: it looks like after all the pitchfork stuff, we'll be going to the west coast in august, a potential support tour in september, pygmalion festival then too, and then we take a trip to Europe to tour for the first time! which i'm soooooo excited for because I have wanted to tour Europe my entire life and have never been able to with any other band. I'm writing heavily right now to get the ball rolling on LP2, I want to make another album quickly but I also want it to be reallllllly good so we will see how the timeline for that plays out, but I want to keep things moving along for me and for you guys :)

You can catch Paul Cherry at Pitchfork Music Festival on July 21st starting the day off right and getting the crowd dancing.