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Advance Base
"Nephew In The Wild

To say an album "returns to form" seems to allude to something being off or missing or in a deformed state in previous releases. With the new album from Advance Base (aka Owen Ashworth), Nephew In The Wild, it is more of a beautiful blending of two "forms". This album could have easily been the first Casiotone for the Painfully Alone album since 2009's Vs. Children. This is a clear return to the sound and storytelling of the Casiotone persona. The album's open track and lead single "Trisha Please Come Home" in the perfect example. Ashworth spins tales of the everyday but tinges of sadness. His stories are sweet and sad, and always fully realized. Musically, the album is filled with familiar sounds from an array of instruments; Electric pianos, drum kits, drum machines, autoharps, Omnichords, Optigans, Mellotrons. All of this, blending with Ashworth's skill, create a perfect late summer and early fall soundtrack.

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scene blog

The local label Grandpa Bay Recordings recently released the latest album, Real Spread, from The Glass Eyes. The duo of Chris Jones and Mike Omahen create lo-fi psych-pop.

October 05, 2015

Earphoria has released their session with Quinn Tsan. The paired back session was record live at Playroom and is their 5th release in Earphoria's Playroom series. Tsan has a beautifully melodic voice that combine the sultry siren sound with modern record and folk.

You can catch Quinn Tsan at Hideout on November 24th with Sima Cummingham & Co.

October 05, 2015

Back in February 2014 we shared the self-titled self-released debut album and video from Yoko & The Oh No's. Now the band has signed to Autumn Tone and are release the album officially on October 30th. You can preorder the album here and take another listen to the fantastic single "She Ain't Mine". Yoko & The Oh No's are Max Goldstein on vocals, Max Loebman on guitar, and Stef Roti on drums.

October 02, 2015

Last week we brought you the latest single from Warik, and this week we have the colorful video for "Wasting Time 4 U".

October 02, 2015

Amber Flight is Moriah Hoyt, Ardin Jameson, Mike Hoyt, and Zach Maa. They released their debut EP, A Bright Star earlier in 2015. The EP is on the lighter, more pop, side of Electro-pop. It's filled with airy vocals and synths, and is a very enjoyable listen. My favorite track is "City Lights" below.

You can catch Amber Flight at The Abbey Pub on October 22nd with House on Mars, Adrian Vera, and Black Rhino. (Photo by Matt Allen)

October 02, 2015

Deli Readers,

I know, it seems like we put our latest issue out just the other day - but no, we haven't switched to monthly. It's just that the fall in NYC is a busy time for us, and with CMJ week and our NYC Synth Expo (linked to BEMF) coming up, there's a lot to write about.

Here's our 44th issue of The Deli NYC (one of our finest!). Check out cover band Stolen Jars, they'll be performing at one of the (several) Deli CMJ 2015 shows!


The Deli's Staff

October 02, 2015

What's your favorite Emerging Chicago Artist on this list?

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