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Dead Native
"Dead Native

Dead Native's self-titled sophomore album has an overall cosmic feel starting with the cover but building through out in the sound. The band blends echoing elements of psych rock, shoegaze, mototik, and pop. There is also a blues under current, but it is toned down from their 2013 debut, Keep It Strange". The adventure on the new album builds through out the tracks, but the most effective cosmic track has to be "Traveling". The 9 minute epic space journey seems built to put anyone into orbit. It is followed up by the one of the heavier tracks, "Clean Kill", that trudges through muddy fields of throbbing guitars. The album closes with an anthemic flourish with "Respite" with all instruments soaring to a close. This may or may not be a concept album, but it does truly feel like a complete listen that was meant to be played track by track. Dead Native's new album will be released on Sept. 2nd.

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scene blog

Rapids are teaming with the local label Artistic Integrity to have their debut EP, Traction, released on vinyl on May 5th.

You can catch Rapids at Beat Kitchen on May 10th.

April 17, 2015

Last month we announced the new live EP from Jason Narducy and Split Single. He recently released a video for his track "Fragmented World".

You can catch Split Single at Schubas on May 1st with Furry Things.

April 16, 2015

Weatherman is the trio of Jason Toth, Annie Higgins, and Joshua Dumas. They are releasing their next single, "Night Games/Dopamine" via La Société Expéditionnaire on May 12th. This is the second of three single that will be combined into an EP this Fall.

"Night Games" finds Annie Higgins shining on both vocals and piano, while "Dopamine" is churning electronic instrumental track.

You can catch Weatherman at the CimmFest/Chicago Mixtape 4-Year Anniversary Party at the Hideout on Saturday, April 18 with Santah, Pet Lions and more.

April 14, 2015

Signal-to-Noise is the moniker of the thought dream-pop musician Michael Downing. He released his amazingly lush and introspective debut album I Won't Let the World Become a Prison last week.

Downing will be performing a few of the tracks for the album acoustically tonight, April 13th, at Kafein Coffee in Evanston.

April 13, 2015

Dream-folk group Sedgewick is releasing their debut EP "Gardens" and celebrating with a performance at Throne Room on April 25th with Jack And The Bear and Ben Joseph.

Below is my favorite track from the EP, its first single, "Beneath The Fireworks".

April 13, 2015

Former New York Mayor is the acoustic folk pop of Jimmy Chrzan and Mike Bremmer. The duo has released two EP's in 2015 with the most recent, EP 2, coming earlier this month.

April 13, 2015


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